Punishing Gray Raven tips for beginners

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Punishing: Gray Raven is a fast-paced hack-and-slash action RPG. Players will participate in the magical game world with fiery battles, hand-to-hand combat. In addition, the game also has a gacha system for gamers to collect a series of beautifully designed hero characters.

In Punishing Gray Raven, humanity is on the verge of extinction from the earth and the land is currently ruled by bots damaged by the Punishing virus. The player’s task is to regain control of the earth from the robots thanks to the special forces Gray Raven.

This article will give beginners useful tips to get off to a good start in Punishing Gray Raven, become a top leader and take back the earth from the forces of evil.

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Build characters and squads

Characters in Punish Gray Raven will display their own sets of abilities, stats, and features, with the overall goal of respecting their commander’s orders and driving off the army of corrupted robots. These characters are divided into 3 categories as follows:

  • Tank: these characters excel at dealing massive damage in less time.
  • Attacker: absorb dozens of damage dealt by enemies
  • support: support the team by healing and buffing.
Some characters in Punishing Gray Raven
Some characters in Punishing Gray Raven

Players will form a team of 3 characters and need to consider the element that the character possesses. Characters are divided into 4 elements namely Fire, Dark, Thunder and Physical and deal elemental damage respectively. The right combination of these factors can provide a perfect win.

Upgrade characters and weapons

To maximize the character’s skills, upgrading is essential and can be done in different ways with the help of various resources.

Upgrade your character to become stronger
Upgrade your character to become stronger
  • Upgrade: to upgrade character and increase stats, player can use EXP Pod.
  • Promote: when the character reaches a certain level, the player can input the necessary resources to level them up.
  • Evolve: using the character fragment, the player can evolve the character permanently.
  • Skill: using equipment, players can upgrade their skill points, which will be very effective in battle.

In addition to these upgrade options, players can enter Memory (equivalent to armor in this game) on the character, giving many additional rewards. These Memory have various qualities with many stars and can be upgraded to get higher stats.

At the beginning of the game, gamers do not need to focus on upgrading their weapons, but as they progress in the game, it is essential to equip their characters with 5-star or 6-star weapons.

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