Project Zomboid: The best careers to choose

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Project Zomboid is an apocalyptic survival game with zombies wreaking havoc everywhere, and players on the Kentucky map must do whatever it takes to stay alive. The game is loved for its friendly multiplayer mode, providing a terrifying experience of not knowing how to survive with friends in the zombie apocalypse.

Project Zomboid has many careers for players to choose from.
Project Zomboid has many careers for players to choose from.

When creating a character, the player must choose a career with a multitude of characteristics, varying from positive to negative. Due to the wide range of options, it is often difficult to decide which career will benefit the player the most. If you are confused with choosing a job to start, let’s explore the best occupations, bringing the most useful stats that gamers should choose in Project Zomboid.

Woodcutter (Lumberjack)

Stats: +2 ax and +1 strength

Woodcutting is very beginner-friendly and beneficial for a number of reasons such as being able to use the ax on both trees and zombies. Woodcutters can cut trees more efficiently due to increased damage and speed when using axes. As a result, they have more wood at their disposal, such as for campfires or other carpentry purposes.

Woodcutters have buffed up, meaning they can have more items in their inventory, move faster in the woods, and the search mode makes finding items on the ground significantly easier. Thanks to his professional use of axes and increased damage to zombies, woodcutter is formidable on Project Zomboid’s occupation list.

Farmer (Farmer)

Stats: +3 farming

There is an inevitable point in Project Zomboid that gathering food becomes increasingly tiring as the daily rations are reduced. Farmers can sow seeds as a means of consistently producing food.

With the corresponding seed packs, the player can grow potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, radishes, strawberries and cabbage. Farming is essential, when the player becomes hungry, especially during the hard work of the day in the respective role.

Increased hunger and low food supplies were the main causes of the disaster. Players will need an occupation that encourages sustainable food intake. This role doesn’t involve many zombies, other than protecting them from crop damage, however, it’s still an effective career in the long run.


Stats: +3 mechanics and +1 Short Blunt weapon

When traveling and exploring the Kentucky map by vehicle, it is very prone to damage. This may be because gamers have the mindset to use it to attack zombies on the road. Whatever vehicle is used will be in dire need of repair.

Players who have chosen a mechanic as a career can repair moving vehicles, while also discarding vehicles in exchange for parts that can increase their overall skill level and are also used for vehicles. other convenience.

Exploration is an important part of Project Zomboid, which has implications for hunting, gathering, and finding potential safe houses. Having the vehicles necessary to conduct raids that are not near the player’s base. Having a repairman to help maintain and improve vehicles plays a role in increasing overall efficiency when traveling on the Project Zomboid map.

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