Project Zomboid: Skills that should be upgraded

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As a survival game against zombies, Project Zomboid puts gamers into battle in the hope of winning the zombie towns in Kentucky. Although the game has no real ending, the battle to survive and survive the longest has the gaming community going wild.

Project Zomboid players have many options provided, such as career, but it is not the only deciding factor for survival. Players can also build a variety of skills, personalize their roles, and increase their odds of success in the game. In this article, let’s learn the skills needed and should be upgraded to survive in Project Zomboid for as long as possible.

Project Zomboid: Skills that should be upgraded

Fitness and strength

Project Zomboid gamers are well aware that staying in optimal physical condition is a must for survival. High levels of stamina and strength can increase damage dealt to zombies, as well as attack speed.

Fitness and strength also determine the level of fatigue of the character and is an important factor when carrying heavy objects. Whether the character constantly fights zombies or not depends on each person’s play style. However, no one can deny the usefulness of physical strength and strength when cutting trees, raiding,…


Food will always be in high demand, in the apocalyptic context where players have to attack countless zombies, food becomes even more luxurious. Instead of rushing to buy canned food, aim to grow and raise your own livestock.

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Players can grow foods such as potatoes and cabbage. Make sure the character has daily food to sustain himself, providing more energy to perform daily survival tasks.


Increased mechanical skill is perfect for long term Project Zomboid gameplay. Vehicles can span all of Kentucky, but many will need repair or at least maintenance.

Possessing repair skills allows gamers to upgrade and replace parts at will. Vehicles can become more effective, whether it’s raiding or transferring items in bulk. Players may need to heat up their cars for a short time, and improving repair skills will allow for exactly that.


A safe house is very important for survival in Project Zomboid and carpentry skills exist to ensure that the player’s base shelters properly. With this skill, the player can create obstacles to prevent zombies from raiding his base.

Windows and doors can be mounted, and shelves and boxes can be built to increase storage capacity. Depending on how high the gamers choose to increase this skill, the initial base crafting ability will be different. Each player should have a certain level of carpentry if they want to play Project Zomboid more safely.


It sounds simple, however, players will be surprised by its role when in the fog of an attack from zombies. The worst that happens is a panic debuff for characters when attacked by zombies and unfortunately this is very likely to happen.

Due to the panic debuff, the accuracy decreases when using the gun, so the chance of being bitten by a zombie due to poor aiming is increasing. Upgrading aiming skills can be a gamer’s savior when trying to survive. Not only will the accuracy of the targeted zombies get better, but the panic effect will affect less than a character with this low skill. This can be a huge difference between life and death when playing Project Zomboid.

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Although Project Zomboid and many other zombie games pride themselves on killing the undead, it is sometimes advisable for the player to avoid zombies while performing other errands. This is where stealth becomes a golden skill.

Sneaking past some zombies almost always guarantees survivability. Players have goals other than killing zombies such as finding tools and items to upgrade the infrastructure of the current base, finding food and seeds so that the character does not starve.

At these times, zombies in the way can make that job increasingly difficult. The stealth skill can help the gamer avoid these zombies to enjoy other aspects of this exciting game.

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