Project Zomboid: How to start a car without a key

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In this large open world of Project Zomboid, getting from one place to another without a car is almost impossible but also very dangerous. What’s more, cars can help transport things safely.

It is not always possible for the player to find the key on or near the vehicle they want to get. In this case, knowing how to hotwire for cars can save a character’s life. Hotwire is the unauthorized act of starting a car, without a key, by passing some wires connected to the engine.

Owning a vehicle helps players move more easily in Project Zomboid
Owning a vehicle helps players move more easily in Project Zomboid

Thanks to the career perks included in the game, everyone will be able to hotwire cars early in the game, or learn this skill by improving their own. This article will guide how to start a car keyless with hotwire skill in Project Zomboid.

How to activate cars in Project Zomboid

Choose a career

This way, the player is spawned with the car hotwire ability as soon as they appear in the game without having to upgrade their skills. Because transportation is so important, getting a car at the beginning of the game and getting to the place where you plan to build a base will greatly increase your chances of survival.

To have the ability to activate the car in the career selection screen, people need to choose a career Burglar. When starting the game as Unemployedgamers will have a total of 8 skill points to distribute them at will depending on the style of play.

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But when starting out as Burglarpeople start with -6 skill points because the character has +2 light skill, +2 agility and +2 stealth, which ensures quickness and silence.

Keyless vehicle activation

To start wiring and activate the vehicle, the player should approach a working car and press the . key DRAW. This will bring up the central menu and allow immediate entry into the car if the doors are unlocked. Otherwise, impatient zombie survivors can smash windows to get in, which can be harmful when not done with a weapon.

Once inside, the player should reopen the menu DRAW and choose hotwire at the top right. Wiring takes some time and success is not guaranteed, even for Burglar. While failure to activate will not damage the vehicle, it can attract unwanted attention from nearby zombies.

Once a car has been successfully started, any player entering that car will be able to start the engine and drive the car just as if the correct key had been used.

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