Project: Playtime – Huggy Wuggy Role Playing Tips

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Project: Playtime is the multiplayer spin-off of the hit horror game Poppy Playtime. Players can now explore the Playtime factory as Huggy Wuggy, hunting down survivors as they attempt to craft a toy and escape the factory. Huggy’s gameplay revolves around brute force, hunting down victims, and finding ways to keep them from escaping.

Project: Playtime has a variety of aggressive and scary toys
Project: Playtime has a variety of aggressive and scary toys

Huggy Wuggy isn’t as stealthy as Mommy Long Legs or as divisive as the divisive Boxy Boo, but it’s definitely dangerous. The Huggy attack allows it to shoot a survivor, and can also place Mini Huggy toys on the map to track survivors.

If it detects a person, it will scream and alert Huggy. With the game set up, there are a few helpful tips to get the most out of these unique mechanics for success playing Huggy Wuggy in Project: Playtime.

Tips for playing Huggy Wuggy in Project: Playtime

The most interesting element of Huggy Wuggy’s build is its Mini Huggy toy. Huggy Wuggy is one of the most successful toys that Playtime Co. production, and like any capitalist company, they want to milk it. By creating Kissy Missy – the female version of the green monster.

Huggy Wuggy in Project: Playtime
Huggy Wuggy in Project: Playtime

To get the most out of the Mini Huggy, players need to place them in 1 of 2 locations. The first is near a puzzle column so Huggy always knows when the player is trying to collect a piece of the toy. The other location is next to an open-air tunnel. That way, when the survivors try to rescue their fallen comrades, Huggy can thwart their revival attempt.

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Outside of the Mini Huggy toy, however, Huggy’s toolkit falls short of his monstrous companions. Huggy has the ability to pose more danger in large spaces where it is possible to attack survivors.

This means that map areas such as the theater stage or the main floor of the factory are great activity areas for Huggy. It is important for players to know the map well. There is no damage when falling so take advantage of the high ground to drop survivors.

The more players use Huggy Wuggy to slaughter the survivors, the more Toy Tickets they will earn. Toy Tickets in Project: Playtime can buy new equipment for survivors as well as monsters, along with perks that make it easier to win.

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