Professional racing tips in Forza Horizon 5

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Forza Horizon 5 does a great job of combining world exploration with racing, so it’s for everyone, even the non-auto enthusiast. Forza Horizon 5 is undoubtedly one of the best racing games for beginners, but that doesn’t mean gamers can’t race like a pro.

There are tons of tips and tricks that take the driving experience of veteran gamers to the next level. While these racing tips are geared towards Forza Horizon 5, they can also work for nearly all other arcade games and racing simulations.

Professional racing tips in Forza Horizon 5

Gradually remove support

Whether it’s steering assist, braking or rewinding, Forza Horizon 5 has great tools for beginners. People should start with most supports and slowly remove them over time.

Rewind is the first assist so try to remove it as gamers won’t be able to use it in the online race. The last aids that should be removed are traction control and stability to gain more autonomy with your car.

Also, using manual gearshifts will greatly improve lap times, but that’s only recommended if playing with the wheels.

Practice with bots before racing online

While it’s tempting to enter online races instantly, it’s not the best thing to do. Take a moment to understand the physics of the game and how the cars handle.

The best way to do so is to race against bots. Gamers can increase the difficulty of bots as they become more proficient in the game, so there’s no need to worry about them being too slow.

Completing events against bots is one of the fastest ways to level up and get more vehicles, so there’s no reason not to take advantage of the AI ​​and sharpen your skills.

Use the brake

It’s true that Forza Horizon 5 is an arcade racing game, but that doesn’t mean letting it run non-stop. In some cases, the player will have to use the handbrake. Applying the brake on sharp turns and turning off the gas for lighter turns will bring great efficiency in online racing. Going full throttle is not the only way to drive in this game.

Make sure to hit the top

When doing a lap, it’s important to hit the top of a corner to optimize lap time. For those unfamiliar with racing terminology, the vertex is the point where the car is closest to the inside of the corner. Not all turns are built the same, but every turn has a vertex that the gamer needs to tap to get to it as quickly as possible.

It is important to start braking before entering the turn, then glide over the top before slowly accelerating to leave the turn. If you brake while turning, the car can easily lose traction and slide off the top.

Choose the right time to pass

Players don’t have the ability to start multiple races from a good spot in Forza Horizon 5, so it’s important to know when to overtake other cars. Many riders see every corner as an opportunity to get ahead, but that’s not the case. Straight sections and sharp turns are suitable areas on the track for overtaking.

On a straight road, stay in the slipstream of other cars and pass them quickly. When entering a sharp turn, brake late and enter the corner to pass. Gamers have to time the brakes perfectly because otherwise, the car will go straight into the fence in case it is done a bit late.

Using Chase Cam

Many players prefer to use the cockpit camera because it allows for better role-playing. While that’s true, it’s by no means the best angle to use when racing. The Chase Camera is the ideal viewing angle because it’s at the back of the car. Players can better see their vehicle’s position, making it easier to pass other riders without encountering a collision.

There are many beautiful locations in the game, but it is impossible to take your eyes off the track, so Chase Cam will give the best view. If there is a wheel, gamers can switch to the cockpit view, but this mode is not ideal for players with a controller.

Avoid causing collision

Players get bonus points for racing smoothly in Forza Horizon 5, so avoid others while trying to win races. In the beginning, it will be difficult to drive smoothly because gamers will hit all kinds of obstacles and vehicles but with regular practice, this will be extremely easy.

In addition, this will also help players gain a good reputation if they want to join a team. No one likes a racer who always causes collision situations, so gamers will have to learn how to race perfectly if they want to make friends in Mexico.

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