Postknight 2 tips for beginners

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Postknight 2 is an excellent action role-playing game that revolves around the adventures of a brave knight, whose responsibility is to fight monsters and complete the delivery of letters to everyone.

In this article, let’s learn Postknight 2 tips for beginners, make your character stronger, get more rewards, and deal more damage to enemies without reducing HP.

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Allocate points for character attributes

Fight with opponents to earn experience points. EXP gained after killing enemies will level up the character. When the meter is full, the character levels up and everyone gets points that can be allocated to the hero’s attributes, which will make your character stronger.

Just like any RPG, this game has 4 main character attributes: Strength (STR), Agile (AGI HOLD), Intelligence (INT) and Vitality (VIT). Point distribution STR Increases physical damage. Allocate points for AGI HOLD Increases Critical Rate and Evasion. Increase stats INT Increases magic defense and increases experience points. Increase VIT increases the character’s health limit.

Upgrade whenever possible

Upgrade equipment before each mission, but make sure you have the necessary materials. Blacksmith Aden can help upgrade his shields and weapons with materials obtained from loot chests. Enemies can also drop materials after being defeated.

For example, The Novice Buckler can be upgraded when the player has enough coins, copper ore, and walnut logs. When an upgrade is available, hammer/anvil icon there is a green up arrow button, which will appear on the home screen. Click on it to access the items you have collected. Here’s how equipment upgrades affect characters:

  • Upgrading the main weapon increases attack.
  • Upgrading shields will increase ranged defense (Reduces damage taken from ranged enemies after each upgrade).
  • Upgrading armor increases defense against enemies.
  • Upgrading the hat increases max HP by a number of points.
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Complete the gear set for a permanent bonus

Collect items like weapons, shields, armor and hats to complete a set and get bonuses. For example, collecting Novice’s Sword, Buckler, Garb and Helmet will complete the Novice set and get 10% more gold. Gamers can get equipment from the loot chest at the end of the mission.

For a list of equipment sets, tap the blacksmith. There, everyone will see how many items have been collected so far and what items are left to complete a set. Complete all Level 1 sets to unlock Level 2 sets. The next level contains better equipment and great bonuses.

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