POSTAL: Brain Damaged Tips for Beginners

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POSTAL: Brain Damaged is a spin-off of the beloved first-person shooter POSTAL series. The game still stars POSTAL Dude, trapped in a suburban nightmare and going deep into his soul killing everything that moves, dangerous or not.

First-person shooter with unique and novel gameplay - POSTAL: Brain Damaged
First-person shooter with unique and novel gameplay – POSTAL: Brain Damaged

This is not a standard FPS game so it’s easy for new players to get confused at the start. In this article, let’s find out the POSTAL: Brain Damaged tips beginners need to know to win every fierce gunfight.

Every weapon has its own strengths

It is easy for players to fall into traps when using only eye-catching guns. Many players fiddle with a pistol when choosing a double-barreled shotgun, or a tesla rifle, that’s because that pistol is really powerful.

In fact, every gun in POSTAL: Brain Damaged is excellent. The pistol does a lot of damage and even has a smart tracker built in. The shotgun has a Doom: Eternal style hook that can be tossed around the map. Players do not need to worry about weapons in this game, just feel free to play, use and enjoy because they all have their own uses.

Change the bow key

Before starting to play POSTAL: Brain Damaged, gamers should access the menu Options and change the bow key. Find Crouch and immediately switch it from Ctrl luxurious Shift. This small change to the keyboard will make fighting a lot easier.

This is because the game has a sliding system, and it is bound to any directional movement + crouching. Using the WASD motion, pressing Ctrl is much harder than Shift. This simple change allows players to slide around the universe with ease. As a result, the player will take less damage.

Always do Bunny Hop when possible

By jumping while sliding, the player can perform a technique called Slide Jumping. This technique is amazing and can be strung together into a sequence of jumps that give you more speed than just a standard slide.

This technique is especially useful when on a difficult level as it will greatly increase survivability and movement, allowing the player to easily weave between bullets.

Search everywhere, loot everything

POSTAL: Brain Damaged takes some elements from old Build Engine games like Duke Nukem. So this game world can be surprisingly interactive. Players will have refrigerators, washing machines and the like to find all kinds of useful loot.

It can also be slices of pizza to replenish health or some ammo for guns. Luckily, gamers can find some secrets. These are almost always valuable and contain large amounts of resources that can be hoarded and mined.

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