Pokémon Unite: Catch ‘Em mode tips

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Pokémon Unite is the extremely popular strategy and team battle game of the Pokémon series. Players participate in 5-on-5 team battles to prevent their opponents from scoring, while trying to get as many points as possible.

Catch 'Em is a 4v4 fast battle mode where gamers catch and play as different wild Pokémon
Catch ‘Em is a 4v4 fast battle mode where gamers catch and play as different wild Pokémon

With the addition of the Catch ‘Em mode earlier this year, players can transform into wild Pokémon from a variety of game modes to use their abilities, including boss Pokemon. In this mode, the player’s team focuses on scoring in 3 enemy target zones. These specific battles take place in Mer Stadium and have 4 players.

While wild Pokémon have limitations that make them unable to use fusion moves or battle items, their ability to replace the two is highly effective in this mode. With the following tips, gamers can make the most of their experience in Catch ‘Em mode, defeating the enemy with ease.

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Pokémon Unite: Catch ‘Em mode tips

Choose the best Pokémon for battle

Players looking for a character that deals high damage combined with explosive abilities, Cinderace, Absol, and Dragonite are great options. Each of these characters is great against wild boss Pokémon and has the ability to steal them.

Players who want the All-Rounded Pokémon can choose from Charizard, Aegislash, and Lucario. In addition to dealing massive damage, they’re also effective against player-controlled wild Pokémon thanks to their quick and hard-to-hit combos.

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Tsareena and Venusaur provide combos that deal steady damage, cooldown reduction, as well as HP recovery. If players are looking for Pokémon with higher mobility, Zeraora and Talonflame are good choices. They can quickly move around the battlefield to sneak points. The bottom line is that the player must choose the best Pokémon based on the type of combat skill he or she will be most successful at using.

Focus on marked Pokémon

Catch ‘Em mode is more than just defeating wild Pokémon. Players should take every opportunity to use their abilities in combat by catching wild Pokémon as well. However, not all wild Pokémon can be caught, but only those with a white aura or circle underneath. If interested in taking advantage of his skills, players should focus on wild players with aura.

Wild boss Pokémon can also be captured and used for their abilities. They will be marked on the map with a boss icon and only spawn at specific locations and times. If it’s not time to spawn, the player will see a timer.

While fighting these Pokemon, gamers will need to be careful, as they are much stronger and sturdier than regular wild Pokemon. However, the benefits of using wild boss Pokémon’s abilities are well worth the effort to capture them.

Choose the time when exchanging wild Pokemon

Swapping wild Pokemon can benefit players, not just in terms of character abilities. The right swap timing can make the difference between getting knocked down and surviving a little longer. When the player has low HP, capturing a wild Pokemon will restore full health.

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When playing as a wild Pokemon and taking damage, the player’s health will be depleted and the original Pokemon will be returned. It should be noted that this will also return the original HP level, before changing to the wild Pokemon, even if they are healed before turning back.

Players also need to remember that while in the wild Pokemon state, they won’t have access to their fusion abilities or battle items. They will be replaced with wild Pokemon abilities.

Use Fluffy Tail to protect wild Pokemon

Fluffy Tail is an essential combat item that players should always carry with them, especially when entering Catch ‘Em mode. It has a fairly short cooldown of only 25 seconds, so gamers can use it often.

This item gives players a chance to stun opponents, making it easier to deal massive damage. For non-player-controlled Pokemon, it also increases the damage dealt. Using Fluffy Tail against boss Pokemon makes subjugating them much more effective, plus, it’s even easier to raise wild Pokemon.

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