Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: A Guide to Evolving All Pokémon

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In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, most Pokémon will evolve through leveling, but not all of them work this way. Some Pokémon need special stones or items to evolve, while others need to be traded. Some even need to be gender specific or level up at certain times of the day.

The Guide to Evolving All Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet provides all the information about the special evolutions that players need to know to maximize the power of their Pokémon.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: A Guide to Evolving All Pokémon

Pokémon uses stones to evolve

Eeve is one of the most evolved Pokémon
Eeve is one of the most evolved Pokémon

Evolution stones can be found scattered around Paldea on the ground, marked by glittering objects. Just from walking around Paldea and exploring, players will find a lot of things.

Pokémon Stone Post-evolved Pokémon
Eevee Fire Stone Flareon
Growlithe Fire Stone Arcanine
Capsakid Fire Stone Scovillain
Eevee Water Stone Vaporeon
Shellder Water Stone Cloyster
Pikachu Thunder Stone Raichu
Eevee Thunder Stone Jolteon
Magneton Thunder Stone Magnezone
Tadbulb Thunder Stone Bellibolt
Eevee Leaf Stone Leafeon
Petili Sun Stone Lilligant
Sunkern Sun Stone Sunflora
Eevee Ice Stone Glaceon
Cetoddle Ice Stone Cetitan
Crabrawler Ice Stone Crabominable
Jigglypuff Moon Stone Wigglytuff
Floette Shiny Stone Florges
Murkrow Dusk Stone Honchkrow
Misdreavus Dusk Stone Mismagius
Kirlia (male) Dawn Stone Mismagius
Snorunt (piece) Dawn Stone Frostlass
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Pokémon use special items to evolve

These Pokémon require the use of special items on them to evolve, similar to how stones are used.

Pokémon Items Post-evolved Pokémon
Sinistea (Antique) Chipped Pot Polteageist
Sinistea (Phony) Cracked Pot Polteageist
Applin Sweet Apple Appletun
Applin Tart Apple Flapple
Charcadet Auspicious Armor Armarouge
Charcadet Malicious Armor Ceruledge
Gimmighoul 999 Gimmighoul Coin Gholdengo

Pokémon requires specific battle conditions to evolve

These Pokémon need to meet specific requirements in battle in order to evolve. They will grow after the player meets the correct conditions.

Pokémon Battle conditions Post-evolved Pokémon
Bisharp hold Leader’s Crest and defeat 3 other Bisharp with Leader’s Crest in battle Kingambit
Primeape use Rage Fist 20 times Annihilape

Pokémon evolve in multiplayer

For Finizen to grow, it needs to level up as players engage in multiplayer (local or online).

  • Finizen + level 38 in multiplayer = Palafin

Pokémon needs a high level of Friendship to evolve

Players will need to raise Friendship with these Pokémon, then level them up once to evolve them. Gamers can enhance friendships by giving Pokémon a Soothe Bell and leveling them up.

Pokémon Conditions attached Post-evolved Pokémon
Eevee Daytime only Espeon
Eevee Only at night Umbreon
Eevee know how to move like a Fairy Sylveon
Pichu Pikachu
Igglybuff Jigglypuff
Chansey Blissey
Azurill Marill
Riolu Daytime only Lucario

Pokémon evolves by walking in Let’s Go mode

Collect these Pokémon by letting them take the lead in the group, pressing the . button CHEAP to activate Let’s Go mode and walk with them. Level them up after gaining enough walking usage to help them evolve.

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Pokémon Condition Post-evolved Pokémon
Pawmo Walk 1000 steps Pawmot
Bramblin Walk 1000 steps Brambleghast
Rellor Walk 1000 steps Rabsca

Pokémon needs to learn special movements

When these Pokémon learn the corresponding move, they evolve. If the Pokémon has leveled up beyond the point where they naturally learned the move, the gamer will need to re-teach them, then level up again.

Pokémon Condition Post-evolved Pokémon
Eevee Friendship + knows how to move fairy style Sylveon
Girafarig Know Twin Beam (level 32) Farigiraf
Dunspace Know Hyper Drill (level 32) Dudunsparce
Bonsly Know the Mimic (level 16) Sudowoodo
Steenee Know Stomp (level 28) Tsareena

Pokémon only evolve at a specific time of day

These Pokémon have various leveling methods, but they can only be done at certain times of the day. Time of day does not correlate with real world time. Players can check the hours in the game by opening their Pokédex or map.

Pokémon Condition Time Post-evolved Pokémon
Sneasel Hold Razor Claw + level Evening Weavile
Eevee Friendship Morning Espeon
Eevee Friendship Evening Umbreon
Riolu Friendship Morning Lucario
Happy Hold Oval Stone + level Morning Chansey
Yungoos Level 20 Morning Gumshoos
Rockruff Level 25 Morning Midday Form Lycanroc
Rockruff Level 25 Evening Midnight Form Lycanroc
Rockruff with Own Tempo Level 25 7-8 pm Dusk Form Lycanroc
Formantis Level 34 Morning Lurantis
Greavard Level 30 Evening Houndstone

Pokémon need trade to evolve

These Pokémon need to be traded to evolve. Once the transaction is complete, they will grow, so they will need to be traded back to the original trainer.

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Pokémon Condition Post-evolved Pokémon
Haunter Exchange Gengar
Slowpoke Hold King’s Rock + exchange Slowking
Scyther Exchange Scizor

Pokémon holding items to evolve

These Pokémon need to hold specific items and then level up or trade in order to evolve.

Pokémon Condition Post-evolved Pokémon
Slowpoke Hold King’s Rock + exchange Slowking
Scyther Hold Metal Coat + exchange Scizor
Sneasel Hold Razor Claw + level Weavile (evening)
Happy Hold Oval Stone + level Chansey (morning)
Bisharp Hold Leader’s Crest + defeat 3 other Bisharp with Leader’s Crest in battle Kingambit

Pokémon evolve with specific gender

These Pokémon only evolve into other forms when they are of a particular gender.

Pokémon Condition Post-evolved Pokémon
Kirlia (male) Dawn Stone Gallade
Snorunt (piece) Dawn Stone Frostlass
Combee (piece) Level 21 Vespiquen
Salandit (piece) Level 33 Salazzle

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