Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: A Guide to Effectively Catching Pokémon

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In Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, there are many Pokémon that the player will have to catch if they want to complete their Pokédex. With 400 different Pokémon to catch in the Paldea region, 104 of which are brand new, gamers need to know how to improve their chances of successfully catching them.

From different types of PokéBall that are most effective, to effective moves to increase the odds of catching creatures, here are Instructions for catching Pokémon effectively in Pokémon Scarlet and Violetturning the player into a Pokémon master.

Choose which PokéBall should be used to catch Pokémon

With all the PokéBalls included in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, players will have a variety of options to use which PokéBall is best at different times.

For standard PokéBalls, omit Master Ball especially obtained in one part of the story, Ultra Ball is the best to get and use at the end of the game. It doubles the chance to catch a Pokémon in any case.

Quick Ball Most useful for catching regular PokéBalls, as long as they are thrown during the first turn of the battle. This PokéBall has a 5x chance to catch any Pokémon if thrown on the first turn and 1 standard time on every other turn, just like a regular PokéBall.

However, since the Pokémon won’t have low health or any status during the first turn, it can still be difficult to catch if the creature’s catch rate is inherently low.

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Timer Ball becomes most effective after enough turns have passed, namely 4x after 10 turns. It is more effective against Pokémon that are difficult to catch in battles that take a long time, such as legendary level Pokémon.

Nest Ball, Repeat Ball and Dusk Ball both have the same 3x chance of catching a Pokémon, if thrown under the right conditions. Nest Ball works better with low level Pokémon, Repeat Ball with the Pokémon the player has previously caught and Dusk Ball suitable for dark area or in the night.

Net Ball and Dive Ball Works best on Pokémon that are Bug and Water or are currently underwater, with a 3.5x catch rate.

The Power of a Sandwich

Another mechanic that players can take advantage of is the Sandwiches during a picnic. Depending on the ingredients chosen or the recipe followed, the Sandwich can provide the power associated with capturing a certain type of creature.

Example Sandwich provides Catching Power: Fairy makes Pokémon of the selected type easier to catch. If there is a specific Pokémon the player wants to catch, make a sandwich of the appropriate type before starting to find that Pokémon and get a higher chance of catching it.

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