Pocket Ants tips for beginners

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Pocket Ants is a strategy game with a new perspective, role-playing ants to gather resources to the cave to develop their entire colony. The ultimate goal of the player is to create a strong colony to fight online players and become the strongest of them all.

To do this, the player needs to create a powerful army and invade another player’s area. With the following Pocket Ants tips, it will be easier for new players to accomplish this goal.

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Gather your army of ants

Unlike other ant games, in Pocket Ants, the player can collect the powers of creatures to strengthen his army. It is imperative to have at least 3 creatures that help the player move forward as enemies will most likely patrol the ant’s room.

Before fighting, the player should have at least level 2 soldier ants, this can be done by upgrading the queen’s room. With at least 20 secondary ants and a few creatures, the player will definitely have an advantage over his first opponents.

Everyone will be in a safe place to win their first battles and learn how the invaders work, so they can better adapt their strategy and army.

Prepare before making an invasion

If the player’s army is destroyed during the invasion, they will disappear so there are a few things to keep in mind. Make sure that when making an invasion, everyone is prepared for possible casualties. All ants and creatures that the player brings into the conflict can be permanently wiped out.

Even so, people can retreat from an invasion if the correlation of forces is severely skewed. When threatened by the size of the opponent, then the player can completely withdraw without any negative penalty. But try not to do this all the time as this will also waste one of the few battle cards available for the day.

Tips for starting an invasion

While in battle, the player should not rush directly to the opponent’s colony. Instead, guide the soldiers to a place where worker ants collect resources.

Killing all of the worker ants that fall into your trap gives the player a better understanding of how many ants make up their true army. In addition, by thinning the workforce, soldiers will not be distracted while in battle and can face the enemy completely.

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