Play Together: Tips to win mini-games in the Game Party

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Play Together gives players a fun, cute game community with many interesting activities. Besides the main missions, Play Together also offers many fun mini-gmae similar to Fall Guys. Although it is just a side game, but competing with many other players to win, moving to the next round is not an easy thing. The following mini-game tips will help everyone win and get lots of rewards.

How to participate and the rules of the mini-game

The games in Game Party are fun and thrilling for those who want a challenge and want to participate in something more engaging than running around and interacting with people.

First, to access these games, tap icon phone on the right side of the screen > Game party. Also enter the building Game zone in the square (Kaia Island) is also the way to join. All are multiplayer games, requiring at least 30 people to get started.

Games are randomly selected for all players and grouped into rounds. Each game has a timer and players who reach the finish line or complete a goal avoiding all obstacles before the timer hits 0 will move on to the next round.

The loser will be removed from the list of 30 players after the match ends, the remaining players will compete against each other in the next round, which is more difficult than the previous round. This continues until the last person wins the game and will get lots of stars and crowns. The losers also receive a number of stars based on their play.

List of mini games available in Play Together

Game name Introduce Describe
Guessing Race Choose the right path and avoid dead ends.

Time limit: 2 minutes

Number of parts: 6 (5 first part has only 2 ways, last part has 3 ways)

Cross The Bridge Gamers cross the bridge by choosing a strong glass and avoiding broken glass. Time limit: 2 minutes
Number of dials: 13
Obby Race – 01 Carefully avoid obstacles and reach the finish line.

Time limit: 2 minutes

Number of obstacles: 5

Obby Race – 02 Carefully avoid obstacles and reach the finish line.

Time limit: 2 minutes

Number of obstacles: 5

Obby Race – 03 Carefully avoid obstacles and reach the finish line.

Time limit: 2 minutes

Number of obstacles: 5

Descend! Find your way down the tower by picking hexagonal blocks that can fall through.

Time limit: 2 minutes

Number of floors: 7

Run The Wall Overcome the obstacles as fast as possible. Time limit: 2 minutes
Speed ​​Racing – Road Cross the roads and reach the finish line. Time limit: 2 minutes
Speed ​​Racing – Desert Cross the roads and reach the finish line. Time limit: 2 minutes
Speed ​​Racing – Space Cross the roads and reach the finish line. Time limit: 2 minutes
Speed ​​Racing – Cloud Cross the roads and reach the finish line. There is no room for error here because unlike any other map, gamers will have to start over from the beginning if they fall. Time limit: 2 minutes
Speed ​​Racing – Study Cross the broken roads and reach the finish line. Time limit: 2 minutes
The Floor is Loose Avoid the floor that may fall at the construction site and survive.

Time limit: 1 minute

Playground size: 3 x 3

Color The Floor Two teams fight to fill the floor with multiple team colors. The only mini game played in teams.

Time limit: 1 minute

Playground size: 10 x 10

Hot Potato Pass the bomb to other players and run away.

Time limit: 1 minute

Number of turns: 3

Red Light, Green Light Don’t get caught when the red light is on. Reach the finish line before time runs out. Time limit: 1 minute 30 seconds
Wheel of Obstacles Avoid the obstacles on the roundabout and stay alive. Time limit: 1 minute
Rotating Logs Avoid the rotating wooden blocks on the top of the cliff and stay alive. Time limit: 1 minute
Crown Game Put your hand on the crown and run away so as not to be robbed by your opponent. Time limit: 1 minute
Ready? Fight! Act faster than your opponent after the Ready command.

Points to win: 3

There is a darker background when the match is 2-2.

Construction Site Climbing Avoid the obstacles and climb to the top of the construction site.

Time limit: 3 minutes

Ice Cliff Race Cross the slippery roads and reach the finish line.

Time limit: 3 minutes

Number of checkpoints: 2

Prison Break Avoid the lights on the character until the time is up to successfully escape.

Time limit: 1 minute 30 seconds

Number of lives: 5

Explore the Labyrinth Complete the maze exploration and search for hidden treasures underground.

Time limit: 2 minutes 30 seconds

Rooftop Race Avoid the pursuit of the spaceship and reach the target.

Time limit: 2 minutes

Cross the Road Overcome obstacles and cross the road safely.

Time limit: 2 minutes 30 seconds

Number of checkpoints: 1

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Survival tips to survive to the end in Play Together mini game


In the hexagonal tower, players will have to find their way to the bottom floor first. Each floor has a hole and must find it to go down until reaching the bottom floor of the tower.

First, get a floor overview by dragging the zoom finger. Next, being in a group and following your group will help find that hole much faster.

Speed ​​Racing

This is one of the most challenging games because players will have to finish the fastest. The game places Jump signs in key locations, giving players hints about when to jump.

Speed ​​Racing in the clouds
Speed ​​Racing in the clouds

There are different versions of speed racing, in the desert, in the clouds, etc. When racing in the clouds, the distance between is covered by the clouds, so everyone will have to jump whenever they see the clouds in front of them.

Speed ​​Racing in outer space
Speed ​​Racing in outer space

Run the Wall

In Run the Wall, all players have to run on narrow roads full of obstacles. The background and design are inspired by the Great Wall of China. Follow the path and get to the finish line first to move on to the next round.

Pay attention to the blue and red arrows in the lane because running through the red arrow will increase the movement speed, while the blue arrow will slow the character down.

If you are stuck at a stationary obstacle, calmly change direction to avoid it instead of trying to jump over.

Hot Potato

One of the simplest and easiest entertaining mini games to play. 30 players will be dropped in a stadium and have to pass the bomb to someone else and run away.

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This is the shortest of all the games and is divided into 3 rounds. During each round, a bomb is dropped on a random player. The head of the character receiving the bomb will change in an instant.

The receiver of the bomb must move closer to another player to drop the bomb before the next round begins. Failure to do this before the timer runs out will result in being eliminated from the game.

If a bomb is dropped on your character or passed to you, quickly move to a group of players so that one of them comes into contact with you. It’s best not to waste time chasing individual players running away from you. In times of rush and panic, people tend to run in groups so take advantage of this.

Rotating Logs

In this game, the player will have to avoid the rotating log on the top of the cliff and stay alive. There will be two rotating logs and the player must avoid the thinner, spiked one at the bottom. A good strategy is to stand near the base of the larger log and watch for the thorny log. Do not rush to run away but follow the same direction with it.

Obstacle Race 01

This is a platform game with blocks floating up and down, the player has to jump from platform to platform or walk on narrow paths.

In Obstacle Race 01, getting to the finish line can be quite difficult and very few people can do it. People shouldn’t be in a hurry when moving from block to block, they need to be slow, even when traveling on narrow roads.

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Crown Game

Similar to Hot Potato, but instead of passing the bomb, the player must protect the crown in his hand to win. The last three survivors will enter this round to claim the crown of victory. Quickly chase the crown holder to claim it. If everyone is holding the crown, follow the zigzag line to avoid the pursuit of the remaining opponents.

Wheel of Obstacles

This game is similar to Rotating Logs, the player must avoid falling off the large wheels that are moving in opposite directions. There are also obstacles and slots on the wheel that everyone needs to avoid falling into. Calmly moving in the direction of the wheels, dodging objects and not rushing to jump to avoid falling out will help players move on to the following rounds.

Be the last one left to win and receive many attractive rewards in Game Party
Be the last one left to win and receive many attractive rewards in Game Party

Above all, remember that when playing Game Party mode in Play Together, absolutely no one is your friend. The other players are just obstacles that everyone needs to overcome in order to win. The last person left will be the winner, getting the most rewards so all players always try to get the best benefits.

The special thing about Play Together is that all characters can physically collide and the player can use the character’s body to block the path of other players. This will be very useful to knock other players off the track and make them lose their precious little time. Just be careful and don’t get caught up in these attacks, or you will be the one to fall and lose time.

Reward for winning the Game Party

Besides the rewards after each victory, gamers will also receive diamonds when achieving a certain number of minigame wins. Players will accumulate wins to gain the Game Party achievement. To check the progress of completing the achievement, open Phone > Achievements.

Achievement name Request Number of wins Reward
Legendary gamer Reach 1st place in Game Party. 1 • 10 • 50 • 150 • 400 1 •3 • 5 • 15 • 30 diamonds
Ruler of 3 rounds Join the 3rd round of the Game Party. 1 • 10 • 50 • 200 • 500 1 •3 • 5 • 15 • 30 diamonds
Rotate and rotate again! Survive on the rotating log without jumping. 5 • 10 • 25 • 50 • 100 1 •3 • 5 • 15 • 30 diamonds

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