Play Together: Koreno Kitchen’s Noodle Cooking Guide

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In the latest Play Together update, a new location was added to Downtown. That is Koreno Kitchen – a paradise for food-lovers in general and those who love instant noodles in particular. In this kitchen, players will experience a variety of instant noodles cooked by chef Korechef in the game.

If you’re also curious about this brand new location, let’s find out how to get to Koreno Kitchen and experience the most delicious and tempting instant noodles in Play Together.

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Instructions on how to cook noodles in Play Together

Step 1: Open Play Together on the device and tap the . icon Phonethen select News.

Step 2: Press the button Go now in Paldo Koreno’s Bold Flavors banner.

Step 3: The game will direct everyone to Koreno Kitchen in Downtown.

Step inside the kitchen to meet and chat with NPC Master – the main chef at Koreno Kitchen.

Step 4: After that, people can visit Koreno Kitchen, shop for instant noodles and drinks sold here.

Move to product display shelf on either side of the kitchen, tap shopping cart icon to buy items.

Step 5Koreno Kitchen currently sells a total of 5 products: Pororo Strawberry Drink, Koreno Kimchi Cup Noodles, Instant Black Sauce Mixed Noodles, Spicy Beef Koreno Jumbo and Spicy Seafood Koreno.

Players just need to touch the product they want to buy and press amount display button To confirm.

Step 6: Then, navigate back to the bar, tap the . icon chair to sit.

Step 7: Click chef hat icon to request a chat with the NPC.

At this point, the chef will ask if the player wants to cook noodles, press the . button Have.

Gamers will need to wait for a moment for the chef to finish processing the dish. When done, a new window will pop up, everyone can Eat now to enjoy the food on the spot, or Preserve for storage and later use.

To check the available noodle dishes, the player can click backpack iconselect tab Food (knife and fork shape). Then tap on the dish to enjoy.

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