Play Together: Instant hatching pet egg tips and rare pet list

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Play Together allows players to spend a good time with cute pets. This is a very interesting aspect of Play Together, as it can decorate characters and make other players jealous when owning rare pets. There are more than 20 adorable animals for everyone to collect, from cats and dogs to chickens, and can teach them many interesting tricks.

The player will have to take care of and fulfill the wishes of the pet. Accumulating enough resources and gems to get one of the premium pets or even have to hatch pet eggs is already quite difficult. Check out the following guide to learn how to get hearts, hatch eggs, and collect rare pets.

List of rare pets available in Play Togerher
List of some pets in Play Togerher

Get eggs from pet store staff

Players will get a free pet egg from the beginner quest called “Talk to the pet store employee”. If you don’t see or have access to them, just tap the pinned note in the upper left corner of the screen to see the quest list.

After that, everyone needs to go to the pet shop in the square (Kaia Island). If this store can’t be found, tap the icon Phone on the right side of the screen > Map > find stores.

After talking to the store clerk, she will give the player a normal egg for free.

How to hatch pet eggs

  1. Players will need to fulfill the “wish” of the egg to upgrade and hatch it into a cute animal. Here is a step-by-step guide to hatching eggs in Play Together.
  2. Once you’ve received the free egg from the store clerk, it’s time to take it with you as you explore the square.
  3. Tap the red backpack on the right side of the game screen. Go to the pet section and tap the egg.
  4. The egg will now jump, run around and follow the player wherever they go.
  5. When the egg is hatched into a cute pet, new actions will be opened, including commands like “come over”, “sit”, etc. Players just need to touch the pet and then touch the foot icon to use these commands.
  6. Unlock additional commands as the pet rises to level 3, 4,… Fulfilling your pet’s wish to get hearts and filling up the heart meter helps level up.
Every wish and wish of a pet must be met on time
Every wish and wish of a pet must be met on time

How to fulfill the desire of the egg

Put pet eggs to sleep

Each pet’s wish must be fulfilled within a certain specific deadline. Players will need to fulfill that wish before the timer goes off completely, because it affects the overall time it takes to successfully hatch a pet.

On average, the game offers 5-10 minutes, depending on the pet’s wishes. These tasks are quite easy to complete without a hitch. After completing one wish, another quest will appear randomly.

These desires rarely appear, especially if the rarity of the pet is higher. So make sure to complete them as soon as you get the quests before they run out of time.

Some very common pet wishes are the need to go to sleep. If the pet wants to sleep, it will have a chat bubble zzzz above. The player can then tap on the specific pet they have for more information on what to do.

At this point, go to the pet store and find a free bed. Now, go to that bed and start clicking on the icon on it to put the pet to sleep.

Bed and bath are placed side by side in the pet shop
Bed and bath are placed side by side in the pet shop

Give pets a bath

If the pet needs a bath, they radiate green waves around the egg. Dealing with this is relatively easy, similar to putting it to sleep.

Players only need to go to the pet store to find a small bathtub that is there. Now, click on the icon on the bathtub, and the pet will automatically be bathed. After completing the pet’s wish, the gamer will receive stars and hearts.

Play with pets

When your pet needs some fun, head to the available toy section near the store. Then use 1000 star coins to buy toys for them.

When taking out purchased toys by clicking on the red backpack, people will get more hearts over time (as well as through other activities. Once exactly 50 hearts are reached, the egg will be the egg). The pet will hatch.

The egg will also want to take a hot air balloon ride, swing and enjoy the experience. Check the location of both these places on the map to take the pet there and fulfill its wish.

After the egg hatches into a pet, the player can command it to do a number of actions
After the egg hatches into a pet, the player can command it to do a number of actions

Buy more eggs at the Pet Store

In Play Together, there are two types of pets: normal pets and rare pets. Players can buy rare pets from the shop.

Go straight to the store located near the supermarket or use your phone’s map in the game to find the store’s location.

Buy eggs at the Pet Store
Buy eggs at the Pet Store

Players will see large eggs near the store staff. Move closer to that area and tap the cart icon above the white egg first. People will see a list of normally unhatched eggs and will have to follow the instructions above to hatch them. A normal pet egg costs 2000 stars.

The percentages below each cute animal show how high the chances of getting them are. Clicking on the cart above the yellow pet will find a list of premium eggs – often containing rare pets.

Players will need gems to buy premium eggs. Complete missions and collect crowns to reach milestones, unlock stars or gems as rewards.

Tips for eggs to quickly hatch into pets

Following the needs of the egg is a popular way for the egg to hatch into a pet, but it is quite time consuming when the player has to wait. Another way that many Play Together players don’t know to make eggs hatch very quickly is to buy an item called Natural Pet Fence.

Buying eggs for a lawn will help them quickly hatch into very cute pets
Buying eggs for a lawn will help them quickly hatch into very cute pets

This item can be purchased by anyone in the Furniture Store. The time the egg hatches into a pet will be greatly shortened. After purchasing, players need to touch the fence to show footprint icon and forms of pet care.

Choose Food with a purple background for instant eggs hatching

After the care period, the pet will appear and the player can take it with them and teach them some other actions.

List of pets in Play Together

Popular Pets

Pet Are not popular

Rare pet Legendary pet
Pink pig Brown pig Swabian Hall Dog Zombie Mutt
Mackerel Tabby Cat Black pig Spotted pig Bull Terrier
French Bulldog Tuxedo cat American Shorthair Cat Rooster
Pig Calico cat Siamese cat

Turkish Angora Cat

Yellow Tabby Cat Russian Blue Vacuum cleaner
Rose Bengal Cat Bombay Cat
Schnauzer dog Yorkshire Terrier
Dalmatian Pug dog
Bichon dog
Beagle Dog

After learning all the guides about pets just now, players will somewhat understand about extremely cute pets. And finally, get yourself these pets and explore with them around the beautiful island of Kaia.

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