Play Together: A guide to unlocking dances and expressions by doing hidden quests

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The lovable characters are Play Together’s player attraction. Not only has a cute and beautiful design, but people can also choose emoticons, funny dances for the character to express.

People can transform many unique expressions, show funny dances for their characters. Learn how to make characters express and dance, and the list of emotions and dances included in Play Together.

How to buy emojis and dances

Emojis and dances can be purchased in the Decorations section. Click phone icon > Decorate > then click emoticon.

Tap Decoration to see a list of dances and emojis
Tap Decoration to see a list of dances and emojis

A series of emojis and dances will appear. Available icons can be added by clicking the plus sign in the upper horizontal bar. Players can use money stars or diamonds to buy some expressions, dances.

However, not all of them can be purchased with diamonds or stars, but some are only obtained by completing secret missions.

There are a lot of dances and locked emoticons that can only be unlocked by completing hidden quests
There are a lot of dances and locked emoticons that can only be unlocked by completing hidden quests

The locked expressions require hidden quests that are not known to the player until randomly completed.

How to use emojis and dances

Emoticons in the game are often used to express to the players around, making the character more intimate and cute.

In addition to emojis, Play Together also provides a lot of interesting and funny dances for players to use for characters. Here’s how to add and use emojis in Play Together.

Step 1: To add an emoji, open smartphone and choose Decorate.

Step 2: Click on the tab smiley face, continue to select the expression and tick any icon you want to add. If they have a green checkmark, they are already in the emote list.

Step 3: Return to the main screen, select smile icon next to the chat content bar. Here, everyone will see the icons that have been added to the list before.

Step 4: Tap any emoji or dance that people want their character to perform. Now the character will become much more lively and interesting.

Quests to get emojis and secret dances

In addition to the available or easily purchased symbols and dances, the game also has mysterious dances and emoticons. These are things that can only be obtained by completing hidden quests. Play Together doesn’t have specific instructions on what to do to unlock them, so do the following tasks to collect the full set of cute and funny emojis and dances.

Emoji/Dance Mission
Haha Reach the 3rd round of Game Party 3 times
Eager Win the Game Party 1 time
Surprised Complete 3 laps of any Obby Race, Ice Cliff Race and Construction Site Climbing in Game Party without dying
Amazing Catch 10 car doors
Kiss Get 100 likes from other players
Mistrust Open 50 boxes in the In-store Theme Draw
Eyes rolling Win the Infinity Tower climbing game
No emotions Catch Rockfish or Scorpion Fish
Annoyed Lose from round 1 of any game in Game Party 10 times
Frown Sentence 10 fish bones
Ugh, so bitter Complete To the Hospital or wish I’m Sick 5 times
Leaping Throw 50 snowballs
Oh my Pet combination
Consider Complete Victor’s 10 requests
Tears Lose 20 rounds in the Game Party
Tired Completing the Obby Race
Sniffled Get 10 F’s at school
Laughing tears Win 10 rounds of Zombie Virus
Z.z.z Enter Play Together at exactly 10pm (real time) for 7 times
Angry Break the fishing rod 5 times
Scared Get a report card at the school and stay there overnight (until 07:00 AM)
Trembling Eat vanilla ice cream 10 times
Cats are brushed Received after the pet egg bathed in the pet store.
Skip a beat Get 500 hearts from other players.
Dislike Received after the fishing rod was broken.
Hopeless Lose the game (right in round 1) 10 times.
Excited dog Buy pet food and feed it at the pet store.
Excited dance Reach the camp tower 10 times.
Bored See all the space duck boxes for 10 days.
Folk dance See all 10 days free bonuses.
Gesture of mockery Follow other people 20 times.
Hungry zombie choreography Play Zombie Virus, become a purple zombie and win.
On the right Fulfill your hot air balloon wish.
Go away Complete the entomology quest.
Hula dance Play the obstacle course without falling.
Dirty trick Dig 3 large ores in Lost Island.
Scepter Dig 5 treasure chests.
The left side Fulfill the swing desire.
Heaving Drive around the square.
Catch the rhythm Get 3 A+ in school.
Childish Get 5 F’s in school.
Horizontal dance Write bios with maximum characters.
The familiar dance At least 2-3 players in the party play and join the game party.
Zombie dance Received randomly when playing zombie game.
Elegant figure Win 1st place in all speed races in Game Party.
Rotating dance Win the rotating log game.
Wave dance Use different dancing symbol until get it.
Wood chopping dance Go to the fashion mall and stand in front of the mirror (Enter the mall, keep going until you see a big mirror behind the stage).
Leaping Use transforms in zombie games.
Shaking teasingly Be the only survivor in the zombie game.
Roly-poly Fix broken bars (2-5 times).
Funny dance Cook 5 times.
Annoying Watch ads in one place (no scrolling).
Youthful Accumulate 1000 stars in House Party.
Provocative dance At school from morning to night.
Hand swing dance Play in groups of 20 people.
Cute cat Party 5 times.
Ballet Buy 3 Seasonal VVIP Pass.
Stupid dance Buy any 5 vehicles from NPC Skater.
Parade dance Buy any 3 items from Costume shop in Phone. Repeat this 3 times in a row every 24 hours.
Excited dog Feed your pet when hunger cravings appear 5 times.
Boxing Win 10 rounds Ready? Fight! in the Game Party.
Hip stretch Use any 5 boosters in the Infinity Tower.
Energy wave Get 5 wins Ready? Fight! in the Game Party.
Hot Drink lemon juice 100 times. Lemonade can be purchased at the Beach Cafe.
Fly up Get in VVIP Pass Mystical Space.

By completing the quests hidden above, everyone can unlock lots of cute emojis and funny dances for their characters. Having fun with friends and showing off these dances and expressions is sure to be a fun experience.

Play Together expressions and dances

The way the actions and expressions give the characters a funny and interesting look in Play Together
The way the actions and expressions give the characters a funny and interesting look in Play Together

Besides the emotes and dances that can only be obtained by completing the hidden quest, Play Together still has a lot of other normal emotes that players can easily buy.

Emoji/Action/Dance How to receive
Hello 2022! 450 money
Christmas 1200 money
Dice 4500 coins
Bag 4 diamonds
Hammer 4 diamonds
Drag 4 diamonds
Silent 4 diamonds
Angry Package
Interesting Package
ridicule Package
Ugh? Package
Okay Package
Not found Package
Heart Package
Tear Package
Haiii Package
Hahaha 4 diamonds
Not interested 4 diamonds
Stress 4 diamonds
Pose to the right 150 coins
Stretch 150 coins
Unsatisfied 150 coins
Clap 450 money
Trembling 600 coins?
Waving 450 money
Excited 600 coins?
Pose to the left 150 coins
Model figure 5 diamonds
Chic figure 4 diamonds
bragging 5 diamonds
Shaking 150 coins
Go away 450 money
Is it pretty? 150 coins
Fly up VVIP Pass
Back stretch 450 money
Jumping with arms and legs 450 money
snow angel 20 diamonds
Long live dance 8 diamonds
Let’s dance together 12 diamonds
Funny dance 12 diamonds
Flower dance 1050 money
Trendy dance 300 coins?
Left to right 8 diamonds
Jump up and down 300 money
Clap dance 300 money
Squid dance 600 coins?

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