Plant hunting tips in Pikmin Bloom

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Pikmin Bloom is an adventure and plant-hunting AR game, including extremely cute flowers and trees. The game has similar gameplay to Pokemon GO, designed to motivate players to walk more.

Players need to go everywhere to hunt for Pikmin for their increasingly rich collection. To make this process easier, let’s learn some effective plant hunting tips in Pikmin Bloom.

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Feed Pikmin nectar quickly

When starting to play Pikmin Bloom, gamers will throw each ball of nectar at Pikmin. This will be fun at first, but it quickly becomes the most tedious part. However, the player just needs to hold the nectar ball on the screen in one place, and the Pikmin will run up, jump up and take their own nectar orb. This operation is not only more efficient, but also much faster.

Collect nectar easily

After giving all your Pikmin nectar, quickly tap the screen to collect nectar like clicker games. This collection is made easier by swiping your finger over all Pikmins and getting nectar from all of his flowers in one swipe. Anything that makes nectar delivery and flower collection easier and faster is worth it.

Quick Pikmin Swap

After feeding your Pikmin team and collecting all the petals, gamers can easily change them for the next batch. All you have to do is click 3 times quickly and all Pikmin will swap.

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Use mushroom color properly

When starting to attack mushrooms for the first time, the player usually just chooses any color of Pikmin. It’s a good strategy, but if you use Pikmin that matches the color of the mushroom you’re attacking, the damage done will be much higher.

Try using yellow Pikmin on the next yellow mushroom you attack and everyone will see the difference immediately. With brown mushrooms, however, there are no brown Pikmins in the game. With this situation, everyone needs to use their best Pikmin on brown mushrooms or the biggest damage things like rocks or purple Pikmin.

Use your detector wisely

Players only get one free detector per day, so use it wisely. Sometimes it takes a little while to find the perfect position to use this device, but keeping it open on the screen Detectorgamers can see Places Nearby change. Players should not use the detector until they see the pastry icons of Sweetshop in the area Places Nearby.

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