Pixel Piece: Tips to help level up quickly

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Pixel Piece is an anime game on Roblox, where the player takes on the role of a character and the only starting weapon is a pair of hands. Players can sail to any island in the game map, it takes quite a while to complete the levels, but it will make the character stronger to overwhelm the enemy.

One Piece - Pixel Piece-themed Roblox game
One Piece – Pixel Piece-themed Roblox game

Each island requires a certain level before the player tries to fight enemies in the area. This is because island quests can only be done after reaching the required level and won’t get many items even after defeating tough enemies. Here are tips to help Pixel Piece players quickly level up to become stronger and defeat all dangerous enemies.

Collect correctly on the islands

Because it is a game inspired by One Piece, the huge ocean of Pixel Piece also has many different islands. These islands are full of mobs that need to be defeated to gain some EXP and Mastery for weapons, devil fruits, etc. However, the main source of EXP for leveling up in Pixel Piece comes from quests.

Each group of mobs or bosses on these islands has its own quest giver, and gamers will receive a lot of EXP and additional Beli if they defeat them with quests. Players will not receive any Beli for defeating mobs on their own, must be at a certain level to receive quests from these NPCs and the required level is highlighted above their name.

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Mob quests may require you to defeat 4-8 mobs of a certain type, while boss quests require fighting the respective boss once. These boss quests yield a large amount of EXP and Beli, but it takes a long time for the boss to respawn after being defeated. Here are the gameplay instructions for each island in Pixel Piece:

Pixel Island

This is the first island in Pixel Piece where the player will spawn. In this area, enter the Tavern directly behind the parrot to find an NPC on the right that will guide you through on the right side in case you miss it at the start of the game.

To the left of the Tavern, players will find a building with a Shop sign on it to buy basic weapons and boats here though, level up before leaving the island. Going deeper into the island, everyone will find an NPC named Gabi to take on the first quest.

In this mission, the player will have to defeat a few pirates to get the reward. Once level 10 is reached, it’s time to talk to Sophia and take on the quest to defeat the bandit in a corner of this island.

Shells Town

After reaching level 15, the player can head out to sea to find their next location, by heading southwest to find Shells Town. The islands in Pixel Piece are very far apart and it will be impossible to see Shells Town from Pixel Island itself. Therefore, it is important to sail in the right direction.

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This second island is covered with sailors who are fighting in the area. NPC named Furnton will be tasked with defeating these sailor enemies and they will be on the right side. Gamers must reach level 15 to receive this quest.

Upon reaching level 30, the player can proceed further into the island to find Namtar with the quest to defeat Swordsman Sailor in the high ground. Although these enemies are stronger than sailors, what makes them more dangerous is that their swords allow attacking players from longer distances.

Finally, gamers can fight Norgan at level 45 by taking quests from Ranabana. This boss is located at the back of the island, and will struggle a lot when fighting it. In addition to the normal stun lock attack, Norgan also has 2 special attacks that can be performed even while it is stunned.

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