Party Animals fighting tips

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Party Animals is a multiplayer fighting party game in which players take the role of animals stumbling and confronting each other. Like Gang Beasts, the novelty lies in the game physics that reproduces realistic motion but is extremely funny and lovely.

Players will choose among cute furry warriors such as dogs, cats, ducks, rabbits, sharks, dinosaurs and unicorns, to fight in multiple modes and locations. People can find and use various silly weapons to increase chaos like lollipops or bombs. This is a silly fun that can be quickly learned but really takes skill to master.

Multiplayer fighting game with cute animals - Party Animals
Multiplayer fighting game with cute animals – Party Animals

Players can embrace each other as well as operate things in the environment. Unlike other fighting games, which need to drain the opponent’s energy to win hard, Party Animals mainly involves thinking fast and turning the tide. This article will provide battle tips in Party Animals, helping players defeat all opponents.

Take advantage of the environment

Items in the environment can be used as weapons or obstacles, so pick them up and throw them around. Players can also use environmental hazards such as pits or rivers to their advantage to take down opponents.

Use special abilities

Each animal has unique special abilities that give them an edge over their opponents in battle. Use these abilities strategically to gain an edge over other players.

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Master the dodge technique

Moving quickly around the arena is the key to victory in Party Animals, so learn to dodge attacks quickly and efficiently so you can survive longer in battle.

Split roles when playing Snatch Squad

When playing mode Snatch Squad, it would be beneficial for each team member to take on a specific role (such as attack or defense). Proper role sharing also helps each member to be able to focus on their mission without being overwhelmed by enemies coming from all directions at once.

Use combos to deal maximum damage

Combos are powerful attacks that can be performed when two animals fight in quick succession, use these combos to deal maximum damage to your opponent.

Play with friends

Since this is a multiplayer party game, playing with friends will make Party Animals more fun. So invite your friends into the game lobby and explode together in funny battles with super cute animals.

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