Onsen Master: Sauna Management Tips

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Onsen Master is a fast-paced indie game that assigns players the task of managing their own traditional Japanese bathhouse. In this frantic-paced management simulation, everyone will need to keep moving by mixing different scents, mopping floors, educating customers about hazards, and dealing with multiple dangers. Various mischievous creatures who want to disrupt business.

Japanese sauna operator simulation game - Onsen Master
Japanese sauna operator simulation game – Onsen Master

While the Onsen Master will guide the player through a relatively simple control scheme during the opening of the story mode, gamers can quickly find themselves overwhelmed by the amount of work to do and the types of things that need to be done. New enemies are regularly introduced. In this article, let’s learn the Onsen Master sauna operating tips that will help gamers handle the chaos and succeed in business.

Reserve a bath for each scent

This technique won’t work for every level, but a general rule of thumb is that each bath on the map (there are 4 in total) uses only 1 scent.

There are 4 different scents Red, Green, White and Blue that customers will request and most stages will have 4 tubs, meaning it’s easy to reserve one tub for each.

When the tub runs out of special scents, the player can add more water to the tub. Keeping each scent in a fixed place will make it easier to remember where they are.

If you are going to use this technique, you should do it right at the beginning of the level by mixing the ingredients first, then pouring them into the tub. People often have enough time to do this before they get their first client.

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The problems with this technique are when enemies like Bozu can spawn in the tub before specifying a scent. Gamers also need to be wary of excited customers jumping into the tub before being instructed, as this can affect which scent the tub contains.

Defeat bosses before serving customers

Onsen Master is made up of short levels, with 3 levels for each area. For every third level of an area, the player encounters a boss, usually a large version of an enemy they’ve encountered before.

During these levels, a health bar will appear, divided into segments corresponding to the exact number of times they need to be bathed to defeat the boss.

Without lowering the health bar before the end of the stage, people won’t be able to progress, so it’s essential to prioritize dealing with the boss, before serving other customers.

If not really skillful, can do 2 things at the same time, for example, use both hands to hold an ingredient and lead a customer, then the player needs to choose between bathing exactly one animal. boss monsters, and then meet the needs of the guests.

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