New content will appear in Minecraft 1.20

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Minecraft is always innovating and adding many new features and content, even though it has been released for a long time. It’s been many years since Minecraft was first updated to 1.0, which is one of the most welcomed updates. It has perfected the game with all the basic features done.

However, a future Minecraft 1.20 update will bring an even more unique set of new features. While many have speculated on what will be added, there are some confirmed features that will appear in Minecraft in the next major update.

New content will appear in Minecraft 1.20


Camels are being added as a new mob in the desert biome. They will be one of the largest mobs, to the point that if the player rides a camel, it will help keep them out of reach of hostile mobs that appear at night. Camels can be tamed and allow 2 players to ride them.

Although camels are slow, they are capable of dashing quickly on flat terrain and even jumping over ravines. Camels are bred using cactus as food in the desert biome to create baby camels.

New bookshelf

New bookshelves can be crafted and store regular books and spell books inside. They can even change form depending on how many books are stored there.

In addition, this new bookshelf can interact with redstone. For those who like a splendid castle with bookshelves leading to secret but fairy-tale entrances, it’s now possible with Minecraft 1.20.

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Bamboo wood

Bamboo wood is another type of wood added to Minecraft, which will come with its own boards, stairs, paving slabs, etc. Bamboo can be purchased in the game to create scaffolding, so it is also a type of wood.

Gamers can also use bamboo wood to create rafts. A raft is a type of boat, differing only in design and without any particular function compared to a boat. However, people can put chests on them like other boats and it’s a great addition. A raft is something players should try to craft at least once.

Hanging sign

Signs have always been a fun decorative tool in Minecraft, but now they’re getting a bit of style with a brand new hanging sign. This is a new type of sign that can be crafted with an iron chain and 6 stripped wooden blocks. Signage is a single item that can be placed on the side or bottom of any block, allowing them to become hanging signs.

Hanging signs are decorative blocks just like regular signs, which come in different designs depending on the type of wood people use. It’s a small feature but can really enhance the aesthetic of the game.

Mob Sniffer

Sniffer won the 2022 Minecraft Mob poll, with over 50% of the vote. The Sniffer is described as a once extinct mob that the player will be able to revive if it finds its eggs in underwater wreckage.

Sniffers are like gentle giants, helping players by sniffing around and uncovering ancient seeds, which can form unique plants. Sniffer will be a non-hostile mob that helps players explore deeper, allowing to learn new things in the Minecraft world.

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Block Suspicious Sand

Minecraft 1.20 update will add a new block called Suspicious Sand. It will be part of the desert biome, especially near where desert temples spawn. Unlike regular blocks, players need to collect Suspicious Sand with a shovel instead of a pickaxe.

After obtaining this block, the player needs to use a new tool called a brush to break it and get the item hidden inside. The items inside will spawn randomly, so the player can collect anything. Also, breaking a Suspicious Sand block with any other tool will only destroy the item hidden within it.

Cherry Blossom Biome

This beautiful biome is full of cherry blossom trees that give the Minecraft world a unique look, with its large, flat canopy, like fluffy pink clouds. Therefore, pigs, sheep, and bees are attracted to the cherry blossom tree and will spawn in this biome.

Cherry trees provide a new type of wood, which can be made into boards and any other block other woods can craft. Players use cherry wood to craft a new hanging board that appeared in this update.

In addition, when finding seedlings of cherry trees in the biome, gamers can plant them anywhere you want. This also means that players can farm cherry trees, as other types of trees can be grown in a variety of environments. It’s unclear if the cherry tree requires anything else to grow, but if it’s like any other normal tree, perhaps the player can plant them anywhere.

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