Monster Sanctuary: A Guide to Evolving All Monsters

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Monster Sanctuary is a unique monster taming game in that it allows gamers to use any monster at any given time. This also means that players initially only own low-level versions of monsters and need to upgrade them to take full advantage of their power.

Monster evolution will bring great upgrades in every way, so this should be one of the top priorities in the monster submission experience.

To evolve monsters in Monster Sanctuary, players will need to take them to the Tree of Evolution located in the Ancient Woods area. In addition, this process requires the use of specific catalysts for each monster. In this article, learn how to evolve all monsters in Monster Sanctuary to optimize their power.

Evolve Grummy into G’rulu

Grummy is found in Blue Caves and Stronghold Dungeons, and creates good support units that have access to Armor Break and Poison. G’rulu trades its poison attacks for some stronger attack-based skills and auto-heal, which passively heals the weakest monsters while attacking.

To evolve Grummy into G’rulu, gamers will need some Stardust, which can be earned in 3 ways:

  • Drops from G’rulu can be found in the Stronghold Dungeon.
  • Drops from Sycophantom can be found in the Sun Palace.
  • Found in Reward Box level one.

Evolve Magmapillar into Magmamoth

Magmapillar is seen on the Mountain Path and in the Ancient Woods. They are one of the earliest sources of Burn and can also apply Shield and other defensive aids. Magmamoth, on the other hand, tries to balance offensive behavior with healing.

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To evolve a Magmapillar into a Magmamoth will require a Cocoon found in 2 ways:

  • A Cocoon can be found in a chest in Ancient Woods.
  • Open Reward Box level 1.

Evolve Minitaur into Megataur

The Minitaur is an invincible monster, found in the Blue Cave, and the Minitaur Egg can be obtained by giving it 5 stars or opening a Level 1 Reward Box. It evolves into a Megataur, and both carry physical powers, although the Minitaur focuses on critical attacks and the Megataur branched out in Chill.

Players will need the Shard of Winter to evolve the Minitaur into a Megataur. There are 2 ways to collect the Shard of Winter as follows:

  • Found in the Clothes Maker in Snowy Peaks, given to the player in exchange for carrots.
  • Open Reward Box level 2.

Evolve Ninki into Ninki Nanka

Ninki are found as eggs in the Sun Palace and are good at dealing damage to Earth and Water, using Poison, and healing allies. Ninki Nanka is a stronger attack monster that grants healing for fire and Burn damage. Magical Clay is the catalyst to grow more Nanka into Ninki.

  • A Magic Clay given by the keeper of the Tree of Life.
  • Open Reward Box level 2.

Evolve Crackle Knight into Sizzle Knight

The Stronghold Dungeon is where Crackle Knights will be found, and they have the ability to evolve into Sizzle Knights. While both monsters are similar in that they are physical warriors that can deal electrical damage and assist allies, Crackle Knights receive some neutral attacks, while Sizzle Knights rush into fire.

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This evolution requires a Sun Stone, found in 2 ways:

  • The Sun Palace has a chest with the Sun Stone inside, which requires a flying monster to reach it.
    Open Reward Box level 2.

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