Minecraft’s game modes and how to choose the right mode

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Although Minecraft is famous for its survival gameplay, in reality, there are many ways to experience this most popular crafting sandbox game. This is a huge boon to the game, keeping it flexible and fresh despite being released a long time ago.

Whether you enjoy crafting, surviving, building, exploring, or playing through community-created adventure maps, Minecraft has plenty of game modes for everyone. For those who are still confused about the function of each mode, this article will provide everything that players should know about Minecraft’s game modes to make the best choice.

Game Modes in Minecraft

Minecraft has a total of four game modes that can be accessed: Survival (survival), Creative (creative), Adventure (adventure) and Spectator (audiences). Each game mode comes with distinct rules and limits and defines how the player will be able to interact with the world around them.

However, in the tab Create New World, players will only be able to access survival, creative and hardcore modes. Adventure mode and spectator mode can be accessed once the player has created a world. Then just enter the command /gamemode in the chat box and select adventure or spectator to apply. Spectator mode is also available at the end of hardcore mode play, if the player dies.

Survival Mode – Survival Mode

Most players will be familiar with survival mode as it is considered the main game mode of Minecraft and is the default way to experience the game. In survival mode, the player can take damage and die, the hunger bar will run out and must collect resources.

Furthermore, to get these resources, gamers will need the right tools, and each block will take some time to collect. Survival mode has several different difficulty levels:

  • Peaceful – Hostile and neutral mobs will not appear. In Bedrock Edition, there are some exceptions to this rule.
  • Easy – Player takes less damage.
  • thường – Player takes default amount of damage.
  • Hard – Players take more damage.
  • Hardcore – A separate game mode on the launcher where the player only has 1 life and cannot respawn.

The goal of survival mode is simply to survive and grow. Players are born with nothing and must craft tools, buy materials, and build a shelter to safely explore the world and defeat the Ender Dragon, considered the final boss of Minecraft.

Creative Mode – Creative Mode

Minecraft’s creative mode is as popular as survival mode. In this mode, the player does not appear with a health bar or a hunger bar. People can fly around freely, and opening the inventory gives unlimited access to almost every block and item in the game. This makes creative mode the perfect mode for building and testing.

When in creative mode, there are some key quality-of-life changes compared to survival mode. Players can reach further when placing and breaking blocks, and they can also break any block in the world by simply touching it once.

The player also does not need to have stacks of a specific item in his inventory. Just one copy of a cobblestone block will stretch them to infinity when you put them down.

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