Minecraft Legends: How to find biome

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Starting a new Minecraft game with real-time strategy genre, Minecraft Legends, players can get into trouble because of randomly generated maps. Therefore, it is important to have a clear idea of ​​where and where to find valuable resources.

Assembling a powerful army to confront Piglin is a difficult task, but with the following Minecraft Legends biomes information will help gamers locate the necessary materials while exploring. topographic.

Let’s find out how to find every biome in Minecraft Legends Gather resources, expand your empire, and defeat your enemies in this Minecraft spin-off, strategy game.

How to find biomes in Minecraft Legends

When exploring the Minecraft Legends map, gamers will encounter 9 separate biomes. Each biome has a unique appearance and offers the opportunity to collect valuable resources. In addition, some biomes contain mounts for the player to change the method of movement. The biome biomes in Minecraft Legends include:

  • Meadow
  • Fateland
  • Badland
  • Forest
  • Swamp
  • Jungle
  • Tundra
  • Dry Savana
  • Jagged Peak
Minecraft Legends has a total of 9 biome
Minecraft Legends has a total of 9 biome


Meadow, the grassland biome in Minecraft Legends is mostly flat and contains various plants, winding rivers, and a source of precious stone and wood.


Fateland in Minecraft Legends is similar to grassland areas, with verdant fields and wildflowers. However, they are very unique due to their hundreds of anomalous rock formations making them a great place to gather rocks.


The Badland biome in Minecraft Legends is a desert plateau with sticky tar pits and deep valleys with rich plant life. Badland’s high altitude provides excellent vantage points for surveying the surrounding areas.

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Forest, the forest biome in Minecraft Legends is denser than grasslands and is inhabited by tall, sturdy trees, murmuring streams, and puddles. This biome is a great place to gather wood.


Swamp is a swamp biome in Minecraft Legends that is densely populated with mangroves and mushrooms. The red mushrooms found in this biome can be used to increase jumps, which is useful for discovering precious redstone.


The Jungle biome in Minecraft Legends is a hostile environment, with tall trees covered with verdant vines and lots of red rock. Use caution when exploring this biome, as some plants can be harmful if approached too closely.


The Tundra biome is a rather barren environment with few trees and rocks, but has an abundant supply of diamonds if you’re willing to look for it.

Dry Savana

Dry Savanna is a somewhat desolate area with dry grass, rocky outcrops and unusual coral vegetation.

Jagged Peak

Jagged Peak Biome – jagged peaks, with huge peaks and deep valleys, providing a vantage point to observe the surroundings and also an abundant supply of diamonds. This area is also a great cover for strategic attacks.

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