Minecraft: How to change biomes with the command Fillbiome

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After years of waiting, Mojang has finally added the ability to manually change biomes in Minecraft. A new command in Minecraft 1.20 will allow moving all features around, spawn mobs and other items in the biome to any location in the game.

This opens up more possibilities, allowing players to create new Minecraft maps and farms. In this article, let’s learn how to change the Minecraft biome using the Fillbiome command.

How to use the Fill Biome command in Minecraft

Players need to have cheats enabled on their world to use this command. Refer to How to enable cheat codes in Minecraft to allow the game to enter commands.

To change the biome, the player needs to enter the Fillbiome command as follows:

/fillbiome (Tọa độ A) (Tọa độ B) (tên_quần xã)

In there:

  • (Coordinate A) is the corner of the area that wants to start changing the biome.
  • (Coordinate B) is the location that wants to end the changes of the biome.
  • (communal_name) is the name of the biome that wants to fill the area.

Both the A and B coordinates need to be set to numeric values ​​corresponding to the X , Y and Z dimensions. When this command is executed, the biome in the entire area between the two points will be changed. Replace with biome selected by the player.

For example, the following command will replace the existing biome between the given coordinates with the Void biome in Minecraft: /fillbiome -12 22 44 -44 -10 -19 minecraft:void.

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How to get coordinates

First, the player needs to turn on the coordinates in his world by pressing the . key F3 on the keyboard to display the debug class.

Coordinates of the first corner
Coordinates of the first corner

Then go to a corner of the world where everyone wants the new biome to start and record the coordinates of that point. Record the current coordinates (labelled XYZ, on the left dashboard). Gamers can also place a block there to add visual markup.

Then go to the corner where the biome change will end and record the coordinates. Finally, open the chat (by pressing the . key) BILLION) and enter the command.

Second corner coordinates
Second corner coordinates

Based on the current example, the command would be /fillbiome -150 71 936 -122 78 946 minecraft:plains. As soon as the key is pressed Enterthe command will replace everything between the 2 coordinates with the new biome.

Differences between biomes

Almost every Minecraft biome has some exclusive features including atmosphere, sky, ambient sounds, and even texture colors. Some Minecraft mobs can only spawn in a biome.

Mushroom Field Biome
Mushroom Field Biome

For example, desert biomes have high temperatures, with camels being the exclusive breeder. With this Fillbiome command, players can even bring the Nether biome to the afterlife.

These are some of the exclusive features that biomes have:

  • Mushroom Field: No hostile mobs can spawn in this biome.
  • End Highland: Only Enderman spawns in this biome.
  • Savanna: Plantations and blocks in this biome have a light reddish brown tint.
  • Crimson Forest (Nether): Known for mist and red particles.
  • Void: This biome has no plants, structures or spawning mobs.
  • Badland: Gold ore spawns the most in this biome.
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