Midnight Ghost Hunt: Effective anti-ghost hunter strategies

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Midnight Ghost Hunt is a fun and hauntingly spooky online multiplayer game in which a group of ghosts battle a group of ghost hunters. Ghost hunters must work as a team to destroy each ghost before the clock strikes midnight. Ghosts must combine strategy and teamwork or fight on their own to outlast the ghost hunters.

Players who play the role of ghosts in Midnight Ghost Hunt will need to dodge the ghost hunter's pursuit and find a way to counterattack.
Players who play the role of ghosts in Midnight Ghost Hunt will need to dodge the ghost hunter’s pursuit and find a way to counterattack.

In an interesting twist, when the clock strikes midnight and the game is 5 minutes away, the ghosts will have superpowers, returning from the land of the dead to try to destroy the hunters. This back-and-forth gameplay makes for completely unpredictable and always entertaining matches. For players who join Midnight Ghost Hunt as a ghost, let’s take a look at some of the most effective survivor extermination strategies.

Return to the ghost temple when necessary

The ghost temple, like a ghost hunter’s desk, is an independent sanctuary where ghosts can return to trade abilities and perks. However, this can only be done if a ghost is still playing, has not been destroyed. When defeated, the ghost will transform into another type of haunting ghost that cannot perform many spooky tasks.

Whether playing solo or as a team, ghosts must constantly know the location of the ghost temple in any given map. Ghost hunters have the upper hand in the first half of the game, which means ghosts may need to quickly change their strategy to get ahead.

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Prioritize finding a hiding place early

While the ghost hunters are preparing, the ghosts have about 60 to 90 seconds to explore the map, set traps and points of destruction, and most importantly, find a discreet hideout.

A refuge can be almost any object in the environment such as a couch, a gutter, a candlestick, a statue, and even a teacup. Ghost hunters have plenty of tools to spot lurking ghosts, so make it a priority to find a location out of reach in the first place.

Don’t stay in one place for too long

A match in Midnight Ghost Hunt wouldn’t be even if the ghosts could simply lurk the entire time, so there’s a limit that ghosts need to know. In the lower-right corner of the screen is the ectoplasmic meter. When the ghosts are stationary or hiding, the gauges will build up over time. When it reaches maximum accumulation, an ectoplasmic mark will be left on the object.

To avoid this, ghosts should move from object to object or move around the map stealthily. Fortunately, ghosts can use escape abilities that allow them to hide or hover from hunters. It takes a long time to grasp the hide-and-seek mechanics in this game but the ghosts will benefit from this style of play.

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