Melatonin tips for beginners

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Melatonin is a fun and challenging rhythm indie game that offers a great balance between difficulty, originality, and soothing music to create a memorable experience.

While the rhythm minigames in Melatonin seem simple, they quickly get complicated, especially if you want to earn a three-star rating. Getting used to each game can be difficult, so these tips Melatonin The following for beginners will help newbies realize how to help the protagonist enjoy dreams.

Melatonin tips for beginners

Follow the rhythm

Melatonin emphasizes 4 beats in its songs, so keeping track of those 4 beats will make it easier to complete levels. While this may seem daunting, nodding or swaying your body to the beat will help get a feel for the beat, thereby timing the buttons correctly.

For example, gamers can sway their body or tap their toes in rhythm, putting their feet down when there is a low beat and up when there is a high beat. A little light exercise will definitely make the gaming experience more enjoyable and easier, thereby unlocking more nights.

Learn visual cues

Each night there will be a set of visual cues to keep in mind. For example, the first level has boxes that bring food to the player. If the box inched forward, they will quickly shoot food at the player after 3 beats.

On the other hand, if the box is opened, it will bring the food to the hand immediately. If it takes longer to open, the player will see the food fly high in the air, meaning it will take longer to get the food in hand.

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Along with all these visual cues, the game plays music and sound effects. Since Melatonin is focused on music, it does a great job of looking at these factors and making them relevant. Although it may seem confusing at first, gamers will get the hang of it as they keep watching and trying.

Play practice mode often until you feel comfortable enough to try harder levels. Doing so will help people understand all the signs associated with the challenge, to know what to do.

Increase the difficulty level

If it is not possible to get 2 or 3 stars on normal difficulty, the player should think about increasing the difficulty level. It sounds absurd, but doing so can help you perform better on standard difficulty.

The more difficult levels are faster paced, requiring the player to maintain accuracy with their input. After the mind gets used to the fast speed, the normal mode will be easier to handle. Since the player has solved the challenges and the harder part on higher settings, it will be easier for the brain to return to the normal level.

Get 2 stars on every level every night

When spending a night in the game, gamers will receive a rating based on how they performed on each night. A 1 rating is decent, a 2 star rating means well done and 3 stars means everyone played almost perfectly. If planning to get through the game without going too fast, try to get a 2 star rating for each dream before the end of the night.

Before the night can end, the gamer must gain 8 stars from different levels. While it is possible to get 3 stars on 2 levels and 1 star on the other 2 levels, doing so puts everyone in a predicament.

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At the end of the night, gamers will look through the compilation of the whole night. That means if you want to perform well on the final night, everyone has to be comfortable with all the songs, or else it can be difficult to move on to the next night.

Practice through the levels

Whether playing until the end of the night or passing with different levels, players can continue to practice. While the difficulty will vary depending on how they are done, they have a fixed pattern every time they play, so keep practicing.

Players not only learn the levels but also feel the music, the rhythm. When first starting a level, beginners are inexperienced and won’t know about any difficult parts. Sometimes the songs will slow down or have a strange beat.

While it’s okay to be alarmed when they happen for the first time, make sure you take the time to figure out exactly when those moments happen to help complete the song better. Even simple things like memorizing and humming along to that song can help players identify the key moment to press the button.

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