Medieval Dynasty survival tips

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Medieval Dynasty is the latest game in the genre of survival, combined with medieval empire building. Players will have a lot of things to do, besides surviving in the forest by picking berries and building themselves a shabby hut.

Medieval Dynasty - Medieval Dynasty
Medieval Dynasty – Medieval Dynasty

In Medieval Dynasty, gamers must not only survive but also build a prosperous city in the medieval world. That means poor tools, few protections, and a lot of disease swarming the player.

This is a difficult game for first-time players, so mastering some basic knowledge, important survival tips in Medieval Dynasty, will be a stepping stone to success for beginners.

Medieval Dynasty survival tips

Crafting tools to sell for money

One benefit of focusing on making tools and growing your own food early is being able to sell them earlier, in order to make a lot of money. Even the simplest wooden tools, such as a shovel or ax, can be purchased for a fair price in the market. Sure, people won’t be able to trade a handful of berries for a medieval castle, but it all benefits in this game.

In Medieval Dynasty, the needy wants to maximize the quantity sold and minimize the buy. Crafting and selling basic tools first not only brings in a bit of cash, but it also prepares you to build more complex tools and buildings in the future.

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Berries are essential for survival

Like with any survival game, the character needs to constantly sleep, eat and drink. Berries are unique in that they not only help to refill the hunger meter, but also somewhat quench thirst. Although not many, if a large number of berries can be found (or grown yourself), then there will be no need to rely too much on finding water everywhere.

Berries appear quite commonly in the world of the game. They can be found in many locations east of the starting city of Gostovia, west of the city across the river, Borowo, and especially north and east of Denica. Gamers should get to these locations early to get a good supply in the future.

Learn Survival Sense skill as soon as possible

Medieval Dynasty is a combination of survival and role-playing games. Like other RPGs, it has a skill tree that players need to get used to. It can be said that the most important skill from the beginning is survival, but in this route, there are some more important secondary skills.

As soon as you can, remember to choose Survival Sense at level 2. This will highlight all mushrooms, herbs and feathers in Inspector Mode. It doesn’t sound too impressive, but it saves a lot of time searching for valuable resources. Instead of spending a day collecting herbs, players will be able to find them instantly.

Complete Alwin’s Quest as soon as possible

In Gostovia, near the starting area, the player will find a villager named Alwin. He looked sad, pretending to be a knight and hoping to be of some use to himself, but he wasn’t. If you talk to Alwin, he will send everyone a series of quests to prove himself.

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Gamers will want to complete these missions as soon as possible for a variety of reasons, it’s an easy way to earn money and other rewards, but also the easiest way to get bows early.

The player needs to complete 9 objectives to get a bow. These quests start off easy, like giving Alwin a stick, hunting deer, and delivering some coins to other villagers. But to get the bow, the player will need to find and kill a bear within a strict deadline.

Mission Describe
I Bring a stick for Alwin
  • Give a Waterskin to Matylda
  • Hunting deer and wild boar
  • Give the Skin to Matylda
  • Bring the repaired Waterskin back to Alwin
III Deliver 120 coins to Falibor
IV Talk to Falibor, Gizela and Alwin
DRAW Give 5 logs and 1 wooden hammer to Alwin
BECAUSE Score 20 points in Alwin’s Archery Challenge
VII Score 64 points in Alwin’s Archery Challenge
VIII Bear hunting
  • Talk to Gizela and Alwin
  • Transporting the Recurve Bow to Alwin

Prepare for winter quickly

Winter in Medieval Dynasty is no joke. It kills crops, slows down trade, and if it doesn’t care about its temperature gauge, it can also kill players. Winter only lasts 3 days in the game (unless you change it yourself) but that is all it takes to destroy everything if not properly prepared.

That’s why players need to prepare for winter as soon as possible. Here are some essentials to survive the harsh winters of Medieval Dynasty.

  • Build the first house.
  • Reserve resources
  • Cultivation, storage, preservation of fruits and vegetables in spring and summer.
  • Hunt and store meat in the fall and winter.
  • Sewing leather clothes.
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