Mario Strikers: Battle League tips for beginners

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Mario Strikers: Battle League brings the classic soccer game to the Nintendo Switch, but with a lot of difference and novelty. In addition to not including Daisy, the game features various mechanics and controls that can confuse even the most professional Mario soccer players. The following Mario Strikers: Battle League beginner’s guide will provide helpful tips to take down your opponents, hit the target, and score the most goals.

Mario Strikers: Battle League tips for beginners

Play the tutorial carefully

This may seem obvious, but veteran Mario Strikers players may feel like they’re wasting their time, so they quickly skip the tutorial, then jump right into the game.

However, the Mario Strikers: Battle League controls and general gameplay feel quite different. Although the base of the game is the same, players should still learn all the new controls from completing the tutorial.

Hold and pass the ball

The longer a character has the ball, the more likely it is to be caught by the opposing team. This is a no-brainer in most sports games, but make sure the ball keeps bouncing around instead of being attached to a character.

Don’t create too many Hyper Strike

While people may want to see the cool animation of Hyper Strike every time a goal is scored, don’t overdo it and remember to score normal goals. Charging Hyper Strike makes characters prone to slipping, while Mario Strikers: Battle League still has a lot of easy, quick-to-take goals.

Remember to aim the shot

When the button is pressed A To shoot the target, the gamer can actually aim the ball position by using the left lever. If the opposing goalkeeper is distracted, shoot to get the ball past him.

Create a balanced group

Players should have multiple characters on their roster. Peach can be very fast, but Rosalina scores better and Bowser has more power on shots. Gamers will need many characters with diverse abilities to dominate the match.

Hold your finger on the Y and L trigger

The controls vary depending on whether the player has the ball or not, but the . button Y will pass the ball (if you have the ball) or tackle the ball (if the character has no ball). Both of these maneuvers are extremely important for scoring or getting the ball back.

Knot L trigger allows the player to swap the controlling character, which is important, as the game won’t switch automatically unless that character gets the ball.

Enable Visual-Assist mode

Regime Visual-Assist is a toggle in the settings that will place larger numbers and colors on characters on the field, making them easier to distinguish. This is great for handheld mode, as identifying characters on the small Switch screen can be difficult when the game is in a tumultuous phase.

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