Little Nightmares 2 game tips

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Little Nightmares 2 is a horror game that asks the player to guide the characters Six and Mono through a strange world filled with monsters that want to kill them. The game is filled with secret locations, hidden messages, and a plot that puts a dark twist on children’s everyday lives.

Little Nightmares 2 puzzle horror game
Little Nightmares 2 puzzle horror game

The game itself is not too difficult to overcome, but there are some caveats that gamers should know before starting if they want to become an expert in the world of Little Nightmares. In this article, let’s learn the tips for playing Little Nightmares 2, helping gamers overcome all the puzzles and challenges of this unique game.

Pay attention to the sound

Little Nightmare 2, like many horror games, is based on sound and very small premonitions. Players need to pay attention to these audio cues.

Everyone should play this game with a headset to fully immerse in the world of the game. In addition, background music and sounds often help solve puzzles. Plus, Six often calls Mono when he finds something or if he needs help.

Learn to slide

It’s not a fighting game, but it does have some scenes that are hard to escape. Little Nightmares 2 offers the ability to slide, but most gamers take a while to know this.

You can hold the run button while crouching to sneak faster
You can hold the run button while crouching to sneak faster

When fighting or needing to escape, crouching when running will cause the character to slide. This is important because the characters are small so moving obstacles or climbing will take more time than sliding down. The gliding action also helps avoid shots, so take advantage of them.

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Environmental awareness

Similar to the sound, the environment also has subtle hints that players need to pay attention to. Because the only dialogue in the entire game is when Mono and Six call each other, Little Nightmares 2 relies heavily on environmental and acoustic cues.

Pay attention to the hints around to gain achievements in Little Nightmares 2
Pay attention to the hints around to gain achievements in Little Nightmares 2

The plot and story are told through images and small details, so if players want to understand the meaning of the plot, they need to pay attention to these small hints.

Focus on Six

Six often wanders and explores the world on her own, looking for clues, hidden rooms or puzzle solutions. After a little time or a hint of a story, Six will return to help Mono find his latest discovery.

So besides being a cute assistant who can help with puzzles, Six is ​​also a great asset so don’t underestimate her abilities.

Help Six when needed

Sometimes Six needs Mono’s help when she’s in trouble, so be sure to keep an eye on her when she’s scared. This can be a burden, but it adds tension to the game.

If this happens, the player can hold hands and guide Six through the scary areas. This ability can also be useful during combat, keeping characters from getting lost in each other.

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