List of all default skins in Minecraft and how to choose

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In the past, many newcomers to a Minecraft server would feel the chaos of having a bunch of similar looking characters running around the world. But the situation is gone with 9 default Minecraft skin options, gamers have been able to make a difference for themselves in the game. However, they do not work the same, so this article will provide a list of all default Minecraft skins and how to choose the most suitable skin for you.

Full list of default Minecraft skins

As of October 2022, Minecraft has a total of 9 unique skins, each with different hairstyles, outfits, and even skin colors. This is a major part of Minecraft’s efforts to bring inclusivity to the game, while also making playing with new mobs and biomes even more fun in the Minecraft 1.20 update.

The list of default skins available in Minecraft is as follows:

  • Steve (old)
  • Alex (old)
  • Noor
  • Sunny
  • Ari
  • Zuri
  • Makena
  • Kai
  • Efe


Steve is the most popular default character skin in Minecraft. He is the main character introduced when the game came out in 2011. Steve wears a sky blue t-shirt and blue jeans with a goatee. Even as the main character, Steve still lacks a formal storyline, allowing gamers to build their own stories.

This open storyline has led to a lot of new characters that are derived from Steve. The most famous one is Herobrine, which became popular as a meme in the early 2010s. People believe that Herobrine, the evil clone of Steve, came around and destroyed buildings when the player wasn’t looking. .


Alex was introduced to the game in 2014 as a female protagonist, the equivalent of Steve. She has orange ponytail, wears a light green shirt along with brown pants and long gray boots.

Alex is also popular in other video games, including Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Minecraft Dungeons. At the time of Alex’s introduction, the game would randomly assign default skins to players regardless of their gender or age. The same random skin assignment system has continued since then.


Noor has short brown hair that matches his brown eyes. The outfit consists of a red jacket over a black t-shirt and blue pants. Noor is the Urdu word for “light”.


Sunny has short gray-black hair with deep black eyes. Sunny’s outfit is sneakers and a green shirt with the sleeves rolled up. To complete the look, the character is given a jean bib with part of the laces released. Most notably, Sunny seems to have a gray prosthetic arm.


Ari is considered by many players to have the cutest face among Minecraft’s default skins. She has slightly pink cheeks, brown ponytail, and black eyes. Ari wears a yellow shirt over blue jeans and black sneakers. The highlight of this character is having a belt the same color as her hair.


Zuri has short black hair, similar to Sunn. The darker skin tone and brown eyes, perfectly match the brown belt on Zuri’s khaki pants. To enhance this sophisticated look, the character is dressed in a bright red t-shirt with a white collar and sleeves. Overall, Zuri has the most refined look of all the default Minecraft skins.


Makena wears a yellow shirt that can easily be combined with gold armor in Minecraft. This skin has dark brown hair that falls over his shirt and is the same color as his eyes. Finally, to complete her look, Makena wore a pair of soft red pants that were folded at the bottom of the hem, exposing the brown and white parts.


Kai easily has the most distinctive appearance of the default skins. Blonde hair tied together with a purple elastic band at the back, along with a beard is Kai’s signature features. The color of the elastic band perfectly matches the purple cape with the lavender sleeve ends.


If the variety of Minecraft skins makes it difficult for people to make a decision, then Efe makes a great choice. Efe has a chic and detailed look, with gold-plated bracelets, earrings and even shoes. This most precious metal fashion goes well with Efe’s navy white shirt and dark purple pants.

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