Lien Quan Code 2023: How to receive and enter giftcode LQM

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Code Lien Quan Mobile constantly being released, this gives gamers the opportunity to use many new attractive equipment as well as easily get free generals when playing Lien Quan Mobile. After receiving the giftcode you can enter code Lien Quan Mobile quickly with a few taps through your Garena account.

Players should regularly follow events to receive attractive gifts when joining Lien Quan Mobile. Especially, follow the livestream on Lien Quan Mobile’s Fanpage to receive a special giftcode that will be broadcast on the livestream.

GiftCode for newbie Lien Quan Mobile

  • Code term: Forever.
  • Code includes: 20 Ruby + 1 x2 EXP card (4 wins) + 1 x2 Gold card (4 wins).
  • Each account can only be used once.

Giftcode to receive Errol skin LQM x Mixi level event

In the event Lien Quan Mobile x Team Mixi, besides completing tasks, Garena also provides another way to give players the server-wide Errol skin, which is to enter the reward redemption code. With this code, the player will get the Errol Level Mixi skin immediately without doing countless quests to get the puzzle piece.

It is not clear how long this code will work, so players need to enter the code quickly to avoid the code becoming invalid. Besides, players can also refer to more information about the event Lien Quan Mobile x Do Mixi.

Code Reward
Get free Errol Team Mixi skin for the whole server

List of Mobile Union codes in April 2023

All Redemption codes of Lien Quan Mobile have a certain expiry date, so players need to quickly enter the code to avoid the code is no longer valid. Each player can only use the redemption code once.

In addition, everyone needs to pay attention to enter the correct code, including uppercase, lowercase letters and special characters, to ensure receiving the gift.

Code Reward Expiry date
NR2FTMT2 Card x2 EXP (4 wins) Expired
HORNJSEJ 25 Ruby Expired
OGG5QS3G 2 treasure tickets Expired
XY3B5Z7K 50,000 game coins Expired
GJK9L2QW 100 diamonds Expired
RSTU1VWX Optional outfit pack Expired
YZAB4CDE 1 free character Expired
FGHI6JKL 1 free accessory pack Expired
MNOP8QRS 50,000 coins Expired
VWXY2ZAB 200 diamonds Expired
CDEF5 RECORD 1 pack of optional gun skins Expired
JKLM7NOP 1 legendary character Expired
TUVW9XYZ 500 diamonds Expired

VIP Code Lien Quan

Code: vn5oanzf

  • Quantity: 1200
  • Term: forever

Code: tib94k

  • Quantity: 1700
  • Term: forever

Code: vhxj6k

  • Quantity: 6200
  • Term: forever

Code: klpjb81

  • Quantity: 3300
  • Term: forever

Code: lq394fc

How to get Giftcode

If you have tried all of the above Giftcodes and still haven’t found any codes that still work, try your luck at the Giftcode Lien Quan Mobile spin on LQ shop at:

Instructions to enter the latest Lien Quan Giftcode

Enter the code of Lien Quan Mobile on iOS

Step 1: Log in to your Lien Quan Mobile gaming account at:

Step 2: Copy 1 of the above gift codes, giftcodes or your code into the box Please enter the white code and press Confirm.

Enter gift code LQM
Enter gift code LQM

Step 3: If the giftcode is correct, there will be a message line Congratulations on your gift… Please press Confirm to receive gifts.

Confirm the gift of Lien Quan Mobile game
Confirm the gift of Lien Quan Mobile game

Now please log in to the game Lien Quan Mobile and come Mailbox to open your gift.

Enter the code of Lien Quan Mobile on Android

Step 1: Open Lien Quan Mobile on the device and tap Event in the top right corner.

Step 2: Click on the tab Notification.

Step 3: Go to tab Giftcode and press the . button Enter the code.

Step 4: Enter the exact code or copy the code provided above into the empty box and press the button Confirm.

Note when entering code LQM

  • Rewards will be sent to System Mail.
  • The mailbox can only accept up to 100 messages, so receive all messages before entering the code.
  • Messages are only saved for a period of 30 days.
  • Giftcode all have an expiration date, after the time limit will not be able to receive the reward.

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