[Latest] Company of Heroes Redeem Code

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If you’re looking for codes for Company of Heroes, you’ve come to the perfect spot. This article offers a complete collection of codes that you can use for Company of Heroes. Company of Heroes is a popular entertainment app belonging to the Strategy genre. It was developed by Feral Interactive and was first released in Sep 9, 2020. Over time, it has received numerous updates and improvements, leading to its current version, 1.3.4RC2, which is compatible with Android versions 9.

At present, the game is available for installation at a price of $13.99. It has garnered over 100,000+ downloads from Google Play. Company of Heroes has been rated 4.5/5 stars based on a significant number of ratings, which amounts to 13873 in total. Among the ratings, 397 have given it a full 5-star rating, while 318 have awarded it 4 stars. Furthermore, there is a breakdown of 9805 1-star ratings. Regarding content ratings on Google Play, Company of Heroes has received a classification of Mature 17+.

Explore the latest redeem codes and gift codes for Company of Heroes on Orisgames.com. Our collection is regularly updated as of 22/09/2023, and we are confident that these codes will help enhance your gaming experience in Company of Heroes.

Quickly review the code now! (Last updated on 22/09/2023)

Company of Heroes Code – Latest Updated

  • FEI5I Get ready to shine with 100 diamonds!
  • ST7P Exchange this code for a grand total of 500 gold coins.
  • IUE8 Enter this code and claim a special reward of 50 diamonds.
  • 7ATAL Use this code to acquire a remarkable 150 diamonds and enhance your gaming arsenal.
  • 8YNPJ Exchange this code for a staggering 500 gold coins.
  • FSUL Unleash the power of this code and receive 50 diamonds instantly.
  • B1HPZ Claim a generous bonus of 100 diamonds by entering this code.
  • 43DOJ Exchange this coupon for an impressive 500 coins and witness your in-game fortune grow exponentially.
  • 403IN Use this code and unlock a valuable reward of 50 diamonds.
  • 5B61I Input this code and acquire 100 diamonds instantly.
  • F0BBO Exchange this code for a legendary gold item.
  • FIYV Redeem this code to claim a rare and coveted in-game collectible.
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Company of Heroes Redeem code

  • VMZ0
  • 74UYF
  • F83V
  • COXU
  • EXT8
  • 1V0A
  • HM1E
  • 8E91
  • 9QVV1

Company of Heroes Voucher code

  • QYP7L
  • S3V9
  • Y1MER
  • 4YJW
  • 2J7UV
  • S9ZD
  • BQ3Z9
  • RQIU5
  • DZ9D
  • P0PC

Company of Heroes Freebies code

  • 2VH1
  • 4IMW
  • 7GY62
  • XDHI9
  • PO1H
  • 4JW1T
  • Q6B1
  • GMI1D
  • SL4AJ
  • RFA78

Company of Heroes code might be expired

  • C4T8V
  • O4F2S
  • 5BZP
  • 5F3ZE
  • 4J8ZY
  • 0DV7E
  • 26P2
  • I0AN
  • 21PD

How to Redeem Company of Heroes Code

To claim your Company of Heroes code and unlock exciting rewards, simply follow these steps on Orisgames.com:

  1. Visit the official website of Company of Heroes.
  2. Find the dedicated section or option within the game where you can enter your gift code.
  3. Enter the unique Company of Heroes gift code into the designated field.
  4. Confirm the code and allow the game to process it. Once verified, you’ll receive the exclusive in-game rewards associated with the code.

Indulge in the fantastic rewards and immerse yourself in an extraordinary gaming experience with Company of Heroes!

Company of Heroes Introduction

Company of Heroes icon

Company of Heroes is the critically-acclaimed and enduringly popular World War II game that redefined real-time strategy with a compelling combination of fast-moving campaigns, dynamic combat environments, and advanced squad-based tactics.

Command two crack companies of American soldiers and direct an intense campaign in the European Theater of Operations starting with the D-Day Invasion of Normandy.

Tailored to and optimised for Android, Company of Heroes features an intuitive user interface for rapid execution of advanced real-time tactics in the heat of battle.

One of real-time strategy’s most celebrated games redesigned for Android. From the new Command Wheel to flexible barbed wire placement, play using features built specifically for mobile gaming.

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Direct squads of US troops against the mighty German Wehrmacht through 15 gritty missions based on some of the most challenging fighting of World War II.

Destructible environments let you exploit the battlefield to your best advantage.

High-resolution graphics optimised for a range of Android devices.

Lead the British 2nd Army and German Panzer Elite in two full-length campaigns, and command both armies in Skirmish mode.

Company of Heroes requires 5.2GB of free space, Android 9.0 (Pie) or later, and is officially supported on the following devices. A further 1.5GB of free space is required to install the Opposing Fronts expansion pack. 750MB of free space is required to install the Tales of Valor expansion pack.

• Asus ROG Phone 2
• Google Pixel 2 or better
• Huawei Honor 10
• Huawei Mate 20
• HTC U12+
• LG V30+
• Motorola Moto Z2 Force
• Motorola Moto G 5G Plus
• Motorola Moto G100
• Nokia 8
• OnePlus 5T / 6T / 7 / 8 / 8T / 9
• One Plus Nord / Nord N10 5G
• Oppo Reno4 Z 5G
• Razer Phone
• Samsung Galaxy S8 or better
• Samsung Galaxy Note8 or better
• Samsung Galaxy A51
• Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 / S6 / S7
• Sony Xperia 1 / XZ2 Compact
• Vivo NEX S
• Xiaomi Mi 6 / 9 / 9T / 9 Se / 10T Lite / 11 Lite
• Xiaomi Pocophone F1
• Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC / X3 Pro
• Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 / 8 Pro / 9S / Note 10

If your device is not referenced above but you are still able to purchase Company of Heroes, your device should be capable of running the game but is not officially supported.

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To avoid disappointment, devices that are not capable of running Company of Heroes are automatically blocked from purchasing it.

For best performance it is recommended that you restart your device after first installation, and keep other applications closed when playing.

Supported Languages: English, Czech, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

© SEGA. All rights reserved. Originally developed by Relic Entertainment Inc. SEGA, the SEGA logo and Relic Entertainment are either registered trademarks or trademarks of SEGA Corporation. Developed for and published on Android by Feral Interactive Ltd. Android is a trademark of Google LLC. Feral and the Feral logo are trademarks of Feral Interactive Ltd. All other trademarks, logos and copyrights are property of their respective owners.

Company of Heroes Summary

Company of Heroes header image

Company of Heroes – Take command in World War II.

This game is in category: Strategy

Current version: 1.3.4RC2

This game is released on Sep 9, 2020

Apps & Games content ratings on Google Play: Mature 17+

Recent change of the game:

• Fixes a number of high-frequency crashes

Company of Heroes has the overal review is 4.5 stars with more than 13873 reviews.

Company of Heroes has 100,000+ Downloads

Company of Heroes is $13.99 to install.

$3.99 per item

Company of Heroes game policy: https://www.feralinteractive.com/en/about/privacy/

Curent version of Company of Heroes is 9 by developer Feral Interactive, ID-Feral+Interactive

About the game developer

Email: support@feralinteractive.com


Address: 64 Kimber Road
SW18 4PP
United Kingdom

Company of Heroes Images

Company of Heroes photo 1

Company of Heroes photo 2

Company of Heroes photo 3

Company of Heroes photo 4

Company of Heroes photo 5

Company of Heroes photo 6

Company of Heroes photo 7

Company of Heroes photo 8

Company of Heroes photo 9

Company of Heroes photo 10

Company of Heroes photo 11

Company of Heroes photo 12

Company of Heroes FAQs

1. What is Company of Heroes?

Company of Heroes is a game developed by Feral Interactive in the Strategy category.

2. When was the latest update for Company of Heroes released?

The latest update for Company of Heroes was released on Sep 9, 2020.

3. How many downloads does Company of Heroes have?

Company of Heroes has 100,000+ downloads.

4. What is the overall rating for Company of Heroes?

Company of Heroes has an overall rating of 4.5 stars based on 13873 reviews.

5. What is the current version of Company of Heroes for Android?

The current version of Company of Heroes for Android is 9.

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 397

⭐⭐⭐⭐✩ 318

⭐⭐⭐✩✩ 1034

⭐⭐✩✩✩ 2308

⭐✩✩✩✩ 9805

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