Kingdom Guard tips and strategies for beginners

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Kingdom Guard is a strategy game in which players will need to build and train an army to protect their kingdom against the invasion of giant Titans, and find the dragons that have strangely disappeared.

The game starts to get complicated over time, with loads of extra features that complicate the interface, making it possible for players to miss out on a lot of useful content.

These can help gamers become strong or earn many essential resources that are quite difficult to collect if just playing in the usual way.

In this article, let’s learn the tips you need to know when playing Kingdom Guard to increase your strength, thereby defeating your opponents easier.

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Kingdom Guard tips for beginners

Complete daily quests

Kingdom Guard has several daily quests that players need to complete regularly to earn the maximum amount of resources. When collecting a certain number of points for completing certain tasks, gamers will receive a chest.

This chest provides random resources that are important in upgrading kingdoms and units. While there are other ways to collect those resources, it will be faster if the player completes the daily quest regularly.

Other daily quests include draining energy, summoning free units, etc. The most important thing is to summon free units as players need a large number of heroes to upgrade an existing unit or create a powerful team.

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Speed ​​up the levels

Speeding through stages will help you level up quickly, thereby unlocking more features when reaching a specific stage or completing specific chapters in the story mission.

Players must complete a certain number of stages each day to regularly unlock new content and have a chance to earn more essential resources.

Although the player can defeat the enemy easily in the early stages, the difficulty will increase with each level. One of the problems players can face is not having enough gold and resources to upgrade or buy new units to level up an existing unit. To avoid this situation, gamers should complete at least 50 stages per day.

Take the army to battle everywhere

Kingdom Guard includes a real-time strategy feature, which can be seen by clicking the World Map icon at the bottom right of the screen.

When using heroes to command troops, gamers can attack NPCs or other players’ camps.

Players need to take advantage of this feature by regularly sending units to raid camps, which contain resources that help level up their units or buildings.

This job requires people to use energy, which can be restored in a short time. Attacking others is something that should only be done if the risk is low.

For example, attacking a player who is a member of a powerful alliance is a bad idea because they can counterattack easily. Attacking low level players or dormant NPC camps is always the best way to gather resources safely and efficiently.

Triple gold earnings

Tripled the gold collected is something that players should do. By pressing the button Get X3 when collecting gold into his vault, the player will watch a 30-60 second ad, to get more gold. This short period of time is completely worth the gold it brings.

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More gold also means players can perform more actions, or buy important things for their kingdom, helping it grow stronger.

Possessing an abundant gold source is an indispensable part of playing Kingdom Guard. The best way to earn more gold is to multiply its value many times by watching ads.

If other methods are needed to earn gold, players can try attacking an NPC’s camp or simply leaving their unit to collect the AFK campaign. There is no quick way to earn gold in Kingdom Guard as every method requires the player to wait until the quest is completed.

In addition, people can also refer to the Guide to entering codes and the latest Kingdom Guard codes to know how to use the redemption code and receive many useful items, including gold.

Join an alliance

Like any other strategy game, Kingdom Guard gamers are also encouraged to join alliances.

This is an essential part of the game, not only because it gives people a social dimension to reach out to, but also because joining an alliance has so many benefits. Players in alliances are generally safe from attackers as they may fear angering an entire group of powerful people.

Joining an alliance also gives gamers perks such as access to additional technologies, alliance shops, and gifts from other members. Make sure to join an active coalition to reap more benefits than joining a coalition with few members and not as active.

Most of those alliances require players to have a great power rating, so make sure you qualify before signing up, or you might miss a good chance to get quality comrades.

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