Instructions to upgrade the old Minecraft world to the new version

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Minecraft has been around for over 10 years and it has changed a lot since then. Tons of new features are added with each update, and every time a new patch comes out, players create new worlds to enjoy it.

However, if you’ve grown a world to the point where you don’t want to part with it, upgrading might be a good idea. This way, longtime players can enjoy the new features of Minecraft updates without having to start from scratch.

In this article, let’s learn the complete guide on how to upgrade the old Minecraft world to a newer version.

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How to upgrade Minecraft world in Java Edition

Players can only update existing worlds to newer versions of Minecraft. Loading an existing world in a version older than the one it was created in will cause world problems.

  • Open the game and go to the tab Singleplayer.
  • Next, choose world want to update and click Edit.
  • Continue to choose Make Backup to ensure access to the world in case anything happens.
  • Close the game and reopen it with the new version update applied.
  • Enter your world and choose I know what I’m doing! when the prompt appears.

Once the process is complete, players will be able to play the selected world with the new update, adding brand new blocks to the map. Everyone can use the . button Open Backups Folder to get to the save location of the old version in the world.

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How to upgrade Minecraft world in Bedrock Edition

  • Open the game and select the button Play.
  • Find the world that needs updating and click the button Edit (small pencil icon) to the right of that world.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the menu and select Copy World to copy the in-game world or Export World to save the world on your computer.
  • Join the world normally, as Bedrock automatically updates the versions.

After loading the world, players will be able to enjoy the new blocks and features of the new update.

Remember that anywhere unexplored (even at the edge of viewing distance) is still a void and will be created as the gamer explores it with the version playing at the time. So to get new features, players just need to keep exploring more.

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