Instructions to unlock character skins in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator

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In the game Sonic Speed ​​Simulator on the Roblox platform, players can unlock characters to control and have fun. The game has a fairly large open world so that gamers do not get bored while playing.

An additional factor contributing to the success of Sonic Speed ​​Simulator is the multiplayer mode. Most people find it tempting to run with their favorite Sonic in 3D, meeting, collaborating, and doing sprints with friends.

Game Sonic Speed ​​Simulator on Roblox platform
Game Sonic Speed ​​Simulator on Roblox platform

This article will show you how to unlock existing skins in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator, helping players stand out among their friends’ familiar characters and brag to them about their achievements. While there are free skins like Riders Sonic that anyone can get with no effort, the game still has rarer skins.

Skin system in Roblox Sonic Speed ​​Simulator

Although the gameplay is simple and there are not many characters, with the skin system, everyone’s character will stand out in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator.

A skin is a special appearance for a character that the player can obtain for completing certain quests. In addition, the skins differ by rarity, price, ….

How to unlock Jet The Hawk in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator

Jet The Hawk is the newest legendary character in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator. This character is really being loved and sought after by the player community. Therefore, if you get Jet The Hawk, gamers will receive attention and admiration from other players.

The only way to get Jet The Hawk is to participate in the latest Metal City event. Right in the main menu, gamers can see the character Jet as a big reward in this event. However, Metal City has a time limit, so people need to hurry to own Jet.

To get Jet in his character collection, the player must complete 4 main quests. Collect 150,000 Metal Scraps, use Hoverboard Boost 750 times, defeat Jet 30 times and complete Metal City in 45 seconds.

Accomplishing all of these requirements is difficult, challenging, and time-consuming. Even as an experienced player, gamers will take a long time to complete these tasks.

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Unfortunately, there are no helpful tips or advice that can make it easier for players to unlock Jet. Just focus on practicing and be ready to spend a few hours playing every day improving your skills and completing missions.

In short, to unlock Jet, players must complete 4 main tasks in the Metal City event and it will likely take a considerable amount of time to do.

How to Unlock Tails in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator

First, to unlock any character in the game, the player must find and select that character’s card on the map. The placement of the cards is the same for everyone so unlocking a new character is only a matter of time.

Tail in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator
Tail in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator

However, there is a problem that in order to show the card, the player should reach the max level and then select the button Rebirth (middle menu Characters and Shop). After that, everyone’s progress will be refreshed and need to pass 35 levels. Once this is done, follow these next steps:

  • Head to the Sandy Hill area, located on Emerald Hill.
  • Find the large wooden structure, jump on the pad and then you will reach the floating grass blocks.
  • Go through the blocks to get to the next jump board. Then, run across the gray spiral bridge over a ramp. And the character will be next to the card, the player collects it and starts controlling the new character.

How to unlock Riders Sonic

Riders Sonic is the newest skin in the game. The best thing about this theme is that it is completely free and easy to get. All the player needs to do is enter the Sonic Speed ​​Simulator code.

Enter code to get Riders Sonic skin
Enter code to get Riders Sonic skin

To do this, go to the store, select the tab Redeem Codes and enter the code RIDERS. Use the code quickly before it expires and no longer have the opportunity to own Riders Sonic.

How to Unlock Knuckles in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator

To get Knuckles, the gamer must unlock the Emerald Hill level and find the card on the map and take the next steps:

  • Complete The Lost Walley Obbey. The obby located in the world appeared on a hill. This is one of the easiest stages, so the only thing is to have reached level 25.
  • At this point, everyone should pass level 50. To reach the level as quickly as possible, collect as many coins and orbs as possible. In addition, gamers can jump through XP hoops to level up faster.
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Knuckles in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator
Knuckles in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator
  • When reaching level 50, please Rebirth your character and pass 40 levels again. When the character regenerates, everyone will get double XP. So it’s a lot easier to level up than the first time around.
  • Next find the wooden tower with a shield on it. Jump towards it and attack with a jump to escape it. Keep jumping towards the next obstacle and follow a curvy path.
  • The card to unlock Knuckles is on the side of the character, and all it takes is to collect and start controlling the new character.

How to unlock Sonic character

To unlock the Sonic character, players need to collect Sonic cards located in Green Hill, the first world in the game. From the point of initial appearance, control the character to start walking straight for a while, everyone will see Omochao with a question mark on his head. Talk to Omochao and you’ll see Sonic’s card on the rails. On the left, head towards the small hill behind the level 5 Obby entrance.

Go around to the back of the small hill, and the player will see some jumping rocks. Jump on the rocks to reach the top of the hill, then run into the red streams to reach the tracks.

Note that the starting character may not jump high enough to get to the top of the blocks. If this happens, just collect more Chaos Orbs for a while to level up, adding more speed and power.

When touching the spring and launching into the air, there are 2 ways to walk on the rails. Everyone can go towards the river, it will take the character through a big pink ring that gives 1750 XP. If you walk on the track towards the big roundabout near the spawn point, everyone will see a Sonic card.

How to unlock Chef Amy skin in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator

Amy Rose was added to Sonic Speed ​​Simulator as part of the Save Amy event, which requires gamers to collect 5000 Pink Crystals to unlock her. That event has ended and the only option to get the default Amy skin outside of an event is to buy it for 499 Robux. Everyone can refer to Effective Ways to Earn Robux or use $ 9.99 to buy 500 Robux in the store.

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However, Amy can only be purchased this way when the character is available in the game’s store, otherwise, participating in events is the only way. Fortunately, players can still own an alternative Amy skin – Chef Amy, by participating in the ongoing Beach Party event in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator.

This event requires gamers to collect every Chili Dog in the game’s world. Players will receive the event’s exclusive Beach Chao, Chef Amy skin, and Summer Sonic skin. The Chef Amy skin is almost identical to the normal Amy with a few cosmetic changes, making anyone who loves the character Amy Rose want to own.

For those looking to unlock Chef Amy, it might take some time. The landmark required to unlock her is 3000 Chili Dog. Also note that the event only lasts 1 week, so hurry up and collect enough Chili Dogs on before the Beach Party ends.

Chili Dog can be found everywhere except Chemical Plant Zone. Lost Valley and Hill Top Zone are the best worlds to visit to collect Chili Dogs as quickly as possible. Not only does the Lost Valley have direct access to Chili Dog, meanwhile, the Hill Top Zone is also one of the largest play areas covered with numerous Chili Dogs at the beginning of the world.

Green Hill Zone does not have many Chili Dogs scattered around like other areas, so players should avoid Rebirthing for their characters to easily get to other levels. In addition, Chili Dog can disappear after a certain amount of time.

When the Beach Party event ends, players will most likely have to pay to own Chef Amy just like the regular Amy character. If you don’t want to spend Robux to get this cute hedgehog, everyone can still wait for Sonic Speed ​​Simulator to launch more events in the future and these exclusive skins to return to the game.

How to unlock pets in Roblox Sonic Speed ​​Simulator

First, players must know that they need to collect a lot of rings if they want to receive pets. This is a resource that is easily obtained anywhere, throughout the run of the game world.

The second thing to do is find a vending machine where you can buy Pets and Trails. However, the vending machine offers random items. In most cases, the items it sells are not profitable. The items that give rise are too small but the prices are too expensive. Therefore, return to the vending machine after you have stocked up on a steady source of rings.

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