Instructions to unlock and pass the maps in Vampire Survivors

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Vampire Survivors players will surely be surprised because this game contains more secrets to uncover than people think. The deeper you get into the game, the more secrets you discover, but the additional levels/maps of Vampire Survivors are the most interesting.

There are a total of 3 levels in Vampire Survivors and each level requires gamers to do some work to unlock. Since the game is still in early access, it is possible that more levels will be added in the future, as well as new characters to unlock.

In this article, learn how to unlock and pass maps in Vampire Survivors.

Instructions to unlock and pass the maps in Vampire Survivors

Mad Forest

Mad Forest is unlocked by default when playing the game for the first time, and it has exactly what one might expect from a haunted forest: trees, bushes, flowers, and ruined roads, making up Beautiful setting to kill vampires and ghosts.

The forest stretches endlessly in all directions and torches will appear randomly. Going through this forest is the only way to reach the Castle. There is also a free rotisserie chicken. When passing Hyper Mode, the player will receive an additional 50% gold bonus.

At 5 minutes, there will be a wreath around the character and boss Mantis appears with the green vampires. Don’t attack the wreaths as they have very high HP and disappear after a short time. The flowers deal small damage, so you can dash through the ring without dying.

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At 10 minutes, there is another wreath surrounding the character with a stronger boss Mantis and more green vampires. Keep moving, don’t get surrounded. If level 5 for Whip, Knife, Ax or Cross before 12 minutes, everyone can succeed. There was a significant drop in difficulty during the Mummy Golem at 17 minutes, so just hold on until then.

Inlaid Library

Unlocking the Inlaid Library is relatively simple; However, those who are new to Vampire Survivors may take a few tries to achieve it. To unlock, players will need to reach level 20 in one run in the Mad Forest.

Level requirements seem like a good way to test that players understand the game’s system, before throwing them into a whole new environment with new hurdles.

Anyone who wants to unlock the Inlaid Library can easily get it by playing the game for a short time and interacting with its system. Passing Hyper Mode in the Inlaid Library, the player will be rewarded with an additional 50% of Gold and 10% of Luck.

Dairy Plant

How to unlock this map: Accessible by reaching level 40 in the Inlaid Library.

Dairy Plant is the 3rd map in the game. It was the birthplace of milk magic, where strange creatures like milk spirits could be found.

Gallo Tower

How to unlock this stage: unlock this stage by reaching level 60 in Dairy Plant.

Gallo Tower is the fourth map of the game. It is a place of science and magic and terrible things done in the name of progress.

Cappella Magna

How to unlock this level: unlock this level by reaching Level 80 in Gallo Tower.

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Cappella Magna, or Great Chapel, is the fifth map in the game. It is a chapel filled with fallen angels and demons.

Il Molise

How to unlock this stage: unlock this place by unlocking Hyper Mode on a normal map.

Il Molise is the first bonus map in the game, a place full of monsters.

Green Acres

The third map is a challenge called Green Acres, which increases the enemy’s health by 50%. Unlocking it will require a lot of effort, but well worth it for those looking for a tougher challenge. To unlock Green Acres, players need to pass Hyper Mode in both Mad Forest and Inlaid Library.

To complete Hyper mode on both maps and according to the Green Acres extension, players will need to survive each level and defeat the main boss that appears at 25 minutes. In Mad Forest, the boss is Giant Blue Venus and Nesuferit is the boss in the Inlaid Library.

It is important to note that players will only have 5 minutes to kill bosses from the moment they appear, when the game ends in 30 minutes. When you defeat each boss, Hyper Mode will unlock both maps. Green Acres will be unlocked after players pass two maps Mad Forest and Inlaid Library.


How to unlock this stage: unlock this stage using Hyper Mode on 4 normal maps.

Moongolow is the second bonus map in the game. It was a city swallowed by the sea, filled with other sea creatures and monsters.

The Bone Zone

How to unlock this stage: unlock this challenging stage by unlocking Hyper Mode on 3 regular maps

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The Bone Zone is the second challenging map in the game. It was a place full of skeletons.

Boss Rash

How to unlock this stage: This challenging stage can be unlocked using Hyper Mode for Mad Forest, Inlaid Library, Dairy Plant, Gallo Tower and Cappella Magna.

Boss Rash is the third challenging map in the game. It is an arena where gamers can confront all the bosses in Vampire Survivors.

Tiny Bridge

How to unlock this level: unlock this level by reaching level 80 inverse Gallo Tower.

Tiny Bridge is the fourth challenging map in the game. It was a small bridge over which two opposing forces were competing.

Eudaimonia Machine

How to unlock: collect all the relics from all the stages.

Eudaimonia Machine is a hidden map in the game. This is where the two relics Gracia’s Mirror and Seventh Trumpet can be found. In it, Gracia’s Mirror allows access to reversed versions of the map.

Holy Forbidden

How to unlock this level: kill Trinacria in Moonglow.

The Holy Forbidden is a hidden map in the game, which is a long corridor in the sky filled with angels and other creatures.


How to Unlock: Unlock the Inlaid Library but must have the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC.

Mt.Moonspell is a DLC stage from Legacy of the Moonspell. It was a snowy mountain full of monsters.

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