Instructions to play Undecember with friends

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Undecember is a hack-and-slash ARPG that turns players into a Rune Hunter and experiences the fun of linking a variety of skills and linking Runes. The game comes with a large amount of character customizations based on a complex skill and item system.

The experience of this game becomes even more wonderful when it is fought with friends. In this article, learn everything about the co-op system and how to play Undecember with friends.

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Modes that allow co-op in Undecember

In fact, there are quite a few modes that allow multiplayer in Undecember such as Dungeon, Raid and Spire of Barrier.


During the campaign, gamers will encounter the dungeons many times. As you progress and get better, the dungeons become more challenging, so it’s lucky to be able to bring a friend to support you.


If playing Undecember regularly, people will notice that 2 times a week, a new raid will appear. Raids are buffed bosses, as their target enemy is a team of up to 8 people. As a group, gamers have a better chance to take down giant monsters and collect loot from them. There are only 3 bosses, so it’s easy to learn how to fight them.

Spire of Barrier

Spire of Barrier is another Undecember multiplayer mode, but this time players are limited to a party of 4. In a team of 4, gamers are expected to take on and survive each wave of enemies. Deeper in the round, the map will get smaller, making it more difficult for everyone’s party.

How to play Undecember with friends

On a PC, if the . key is pressed Stab Social will pop up, allowing the player to see his friends list. This way, gamers can invite friends to join different game modes and from that point on the game will be quite easy.

If you don’t have any friends playing Undecember, then everyone can join the official Undecember Discord server or the Undecember Global Discord server.

Undecember Global is an unofficial community server with several LFG (search group) chat rooms. This is where gamers can meet new friends to fight together and experience the game’s co-op feature.

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