Instructions to play Undawn game for beginners

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Undawn is a free mobile open-world survival shooter RPG where you will adventure and explore with other survivors through a number of deadly environments while encountering ferocious creatures. different, scary.

Tutorial Guide to play Undawn game for newbies

Choose a character

As in many other games, Undawn also starts with choosing a character and customizing them to your liking with a lot of options. Each character will have their own skills, abilities, and roles and this greatly impacts your entire survival experience in the game.

Choose and customize your character in Undawn
Choose and customize your character in Undawn

Character role system in Undawn

There are 7 roles including:

  • Logger: This character has a major role in building and rebuilding the world because he has renovation skills, such as cutting trees, making objects…
  • Gatherer: is the beautician of everything because he can beautify furniture and enjoy the beauty of flowers. He has good gathering skills, easily collecting materials to contribute to your collection.
  • Miner: has good mining ability and helps reduce hunger.
  • Chef: has a cooking role, understands all the ingredients and has great cooking skills, unlocking many special recipes in the game, helping us to fill up and have more health.
  • Hunter: specializes in hunting and tracking. They don’t feel very hungry when hunting, and they are able to defeat wild animals without much effort.
  • Scavenger: specializes in finding trash. They can go anywhere and the Scavengers are not limited by anything.
  • Angler: is someone who is proficient in fishing.
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All roles have different goals. Therefore, you need to find out their goals before doing so to gain more benefits and ensure your survival.

Undawn’s basic survival system

Mining in Undawn
Mining in Undawn

The first is the vital health monitor: there are four metrics to display and you need to keep it stable, including:

  • Morale: is your mental state during the game, including Awake, Tired or Exhausted. If sanity is reduced can decrease the collection speed. Therefore, try to ensure a good night’s sleep.
  • Body: Try to keep your body average, don’t be too fat or too thin. The best way is to exercise.
  • Metabolism: Don’t eat too much to make your body uncomfortable, or let yourself be too hungry or thirsty.
  • Hygiene: If you do not keep your body clean, you are easy to become a target of zombies. Zombies mainly try to attack unsanitary people. Take a shower with clean water.
Always monitor your survival health
Always monitor your survival health


There are many dangerous creatures you need to face in Undawn, including zombies. There are many different types of zombies:

  • Zombie stage 1: This zombie has a similar appearance to a human, so it is easy to confuse. They are quite easy to deal with.
  • Zombie stage 2: Compared to stage 1, zombies of this stage are more violent, stronger, and have some special abilities.
  • Zombie stage 3: zombies become more violent than other creatures and they no longer have any human-like characteristics.
  • Zombie stage 4: They have fully completed their evolution to become a zombie and this creature is extremely cruel.

Build shelter to avoid zombies at night

A shelter not only for you to hide but also a place to store collected items as well as to heal yourself after being attacked by zombies or other gamers.

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Build shelter
Build shelter


There are a few things you need to keep in mind before exploring the map.

  • First you need to unlock the road signs. Just one click on it to teleport to the desired destination.
  • Next, activate the signal towers, which help you find treasure chests that can contain first aid boxes and tool boxes, military crates.

Choose a weapon

The game offers an arsenal of assault rifles, shotguns and sniper rifles. Take a look at the stats of these weapons and you must choose the weapon with the best damage, highest accuracy and best rate of fire.

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