Instructions to play Fall Guys with friends

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a fun and unique show-style battle royale game with cute, colorful graphics. Fall Guys players will participate in a 60-player match, each consisting of 5 random mini-games, in which the losing players will be eliminated.

In particular, Fall Guys is officially free on Epic Games for players to enjoy the fun of the battle for survival. And of course, in a multiplayer game, fighting with friends will make the Fall Guys experience more enjoyable than ever.

In this article, let’s learn how to play Fall Guys with friends for hours of fierce but equally funny fighting.

Instructions for playing Fall Guys with friends

Fall Guys is a very fun game. And for the full experience, playing with friends is the best way. Moreover, this game also supports cross-platform, so gamers from all platforms can connect with each other.

To play Fall Guys with a friend, the player first needs to invite that friend. To do this, add your Epic Games account to the game. The invited friend also needs to have an Epic Games account. Depending on the platform, follow these steps to get to the game’s lobby menu:

  • PC: Click icon in the lower right corner.
  • Nintendo Switch : Press the button apart from.
  • Xbox: Press the . button View.
  • PS4: Press on the touchpad.

Then the menu Social will appear on the right side of the screen. In this menu, at search barenter the nickname of the Epic Games account of the person you want to connect to play Fall Guys together.

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The person receiving the friend request needs to accept the request by navigating to the tab Friends Request. After accepting the invitation, the two will be friends in Epic Games.

After making friends, players need to make sure crossplay is enabled, allowing cross-platform play. While this option is usually enabled by default, it’s best to check if it’s enabled. To access this section, press the . button Menu > Options > + or Esc to open the menu Settings.

Next, choose Options and then scroll down to the section Gameplay at the top. Make sure the option Cross-Platform Matchmaking enabled to play Fall Guys with friends from all backgrounds.

Finally, go to the menu TeamPress the button Invite and choose the friends you want to play with. In total, up to 4 players can be in the lobby. And as soon as everyone accepts the invitation and becomes friends on Epic Games, everyone can start playing Fall Guys together right away.

So with just a few simple steps, players can easily fight with their friends in the extremely interesting, attractive, fierce but equally funny and fun survival arena of Fall Guys.

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