Instructions to play Evil Dead: The Game with friends

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Fans of the famous horror series Ma Cay will certainly not be able to ignore the super product of the survival role-playing game – Evil Dead: The Game. The game develops based on the content of the movie, bringing violent, scary scenes with thrilling moments, creating a bloody game.

Playing Evil Dead: The Game solo can be fun but it will be difficult because of the challenging missions. So experience this horror game with friends will be a good choice to survive together.

Evil Dead: The Game survival role-playing game based on the horror movie Ghost Tree
Evil Dead: The Game survival role-playing game based on the horror movie Ghost Tree

However, playing Evil Dead: The Game with friends can be confusing and has some problems to deal with besides surviving. In this article, learn how to enable the feature and instructions for playing Evil Dead: The Game with friends, in order to set it up for combat as a unit for a short time.

Turn on crossplay mode

If players are using a mix of consoles, all will need to enable crossplay for the game. If a person does not enable this feature, they will not be able to join a group with many other console players. To enable crossplay mode, open Settings > Games > Tick Crossplay.

If done correctly and still can’t play together, it’s likely because of console settings. This will vary by console, but most will require navigating to console settings and enabling crossplay mode. This can also be an issue that prevents crossplay in other games.

Complete tutorial

Each player who wishes to join a part of the lobby will also have to complete an initial tutorial. If a person does not appear on the standby screen, failure to complete the instructions may be the cause. It is not enough for the host to play the tutorial that all the participants have to do it too.

Completing the tutorial doesn’t take too long, even for a newbie in the genre. And for a group of survivors role players, just play the part Survivor of the guide (although gamers should play the whole Deadite to understand what competitors can and cannot do).

Create game

After all the steps mentioned above, it’s time to form a team in Evil Dead: The Game. Click on the menu Social (on the first screen) and select Party Invites or Friends, see the list of friends available to invite. If they’ve followed the steps above, that friend’s name should appear and be ready to join the game.

This process assumes the participants are friends from before. If the players are not official friends, click Search at the bottom and enter the username. Add friends for easier access next time and send them invitations.

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