Instructions to find End City in Minecraft

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Even after Ancient Cities appeared in Minecraft, End City is still one of the best structures to loot items. End City is the sole source of special items such as Elytra or materials for Shulker boxes. But all of these great treasures come at a cost to own, given the fact that they are hard to find.

However, with some How to find End City in Minecraft The following will help players explore more easily. So just make sure your tools are ready as it’s time to learn how to mine one of Minecraft’s best structures.

Explore and find End City

Step 1: First, go to the End dimension through the End portal, appear in a stronghold. Gamers need to use Eyes of Ender to activate the portal.

Step 2: Then it is necessary to kill the Ender Dragon if the player has not defeated it.

Step 3: When the dragon is dead, gamers need to search for the End gateway. They are small floating structures in Bedrock with a small gate in the middle.

Step 4: Go near one of these portals and throw an Ender pearl into the small portal. It is too small to enter directly, so gamers must rely on the Ender pearl to use it. Players should create an Enderman farm in their Minecraft world to own Ender gems.

How to Find End City in Minecraft

Step 5: The End Gate will teleport the player to the outskirts of the End. Here, build bridges between floating islands until you find End Cities. Gamers should ignore the smaller islands as they have nothing useful to collect.

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Use command to find End City

If you want to skip the exploration and don’t mind using cheat codes, follow the steps below to find and reach End City in Minecraft instantly using the command.

Step 1: First, enable cheat codes in Minecraft world by finding the toggle button Activate Cheats in World Settings on version Minecraft Bedrockor Allow Cheats in settings LAN World on version Java.

Step 2: Then go to the End dimension in Minecraft and make sure the Ender dragon no longer exists.

Step 3: Use the following command to find the coordinates of the nearest End City:

  • For Minecraft version 1.19 and higher: /locate structure minecraft:end_city
  • For versions lower than Minecraft 1.19: /locate minecraft:end_city

Step 4: Finally, players can manually move or teleport to those coordinates in Minecraft to reach End City easily.

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