Instructions to find all KGP files in Contraband Police

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Contraband Police is a simulation game where you become a border police officer whose job is to check people entering the country and make sure they are not carrying any unauthorized goods. Besides counting goods in Contraband Police, players also have some tasks such as finding hidden warehouses and KGP files.

KGP files are a collectible item in Contraband Police for which players will receive a $100 bonus every time a file is found. With a total of 14 KGP files, players will easily earn $1400 at the start of the game.

For each KGP file found, players will be rewarded with $100 in Contraband Police
For each KGP file found, players will be rewarded with $100 in Contraband Police

They work similar to the hidden treasure in Contraband Police, with the only difference being that gamers don’t have to dig or use any tools to get the KGP file.

In this article, let’s explore all location of KGP files in Contraband Police to make it easy for players to find them.

Location of all KGP files in Contraband Police

KGP File 1 – Border Post

At the entrance of the border post where cars come in and out, there is a guard sitting inside a booth. In that booth, on the table at the far right, players will find the first KGP file.

KGP File 2 – Border Post

At the edge of the border post, gamers will see a small wooden toilet. In there will be the second KGP file.

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KGP File 3 – Vlad’s Tool

Go to Vlad’s tool shop and move to the back of the shop (don’t go inside). Go into the fenced area where Vlad parked and everyone will see a desk to the right. Just to the left of the desk on some bins and a KGP file is there.

KGP File 4 – D7

Go to D7 right next to the road and the player will find a small campsite. At the campsite, on the logs will be the fourth KGP file.

KGP File 5 – Gavrilov’s Hideout

Go to C5 to find Gavrilov’s Hideout. From there, there will be 2 cabins. The first one is Gavrilov’s Hideout and behind the cabin is where this KGP file is located. Simply go around the stone wall until you find it on some crate.

KGP File 6 – Destroyed Cabin

Go to E4 and right next to the road you will find a destroyed cabin. In that cabin is the sixth KGP file on top of the barrel.

KGP File 7 – Sawmill

For the seventh KGP file, move to the upper right of E6 at the sawmill location. Find the building in the image below and go right behind it. The KPG episode can be found on a tree stump, hidden behind some boxes.

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