Instructions to download and play the AFK Summoner game on PC

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Summoner AFK is a general card role-playing game inspired by European mythology, and this is also the game that many people are interested in today. When participating in this game, the player will be taken to a world of colorful Western Mythic heroes, you will fight with your brothers shoulder to shoulder with mighty enemies, evil, trying to destroy the world. In particular, each character will have different roles such as: Blocker, Soldier, Gunner, Support, Magic, …

Currently, there are many people who want to experience the outstanding features of the game and want to play on the computer screen, but currently this game is only available on the phone. Therefore, to make it possible for everyone to play this game on computers, you need to install and play this game on computer emulators. Today, will introduce the article hInstructions to download and play the AFK Summoner game on PC with LDPlayerwe invite you to consult

How to install and play the AFK Summoner game on PC with LDPlayer

Instructions for downloading and installing the AFK Summoner game on LDPlayer

Quick start Guide:

Open the LDPlayer emulator on your computer > Click on the search box of Google Play > Enter keyword “Summoner AFK” > Click the button Setting > Click the button Play and start playing the game.

Detailed instructions:

Step 1: To play this game on the computer, first we will Open LDPlayer software on your computer.

Step 2: At the main interface of the software, click on the search box of Google Play Store.

Click on the Google Play search box

Step 3: At this point, we will enter the game name “Summoner AFKand then click the . button Enter.

Enter keywords "Summoner AFK"

Step 4: Next, click the . button Setting.

Click on the Install button

Step 5: Wait a moment for the download to complete, then click the . button Play and start playing games on the computer.

Click the Play button

Instructions for playing the game Summoner AFK

Quick start Guide:

Login Sohagame account > Click on “Click on the server” > Select the server for the game account > Click the button Begin > Name the game character > Click the button Confirm > Tap the item Summon > Click the button Free of charge > Click on item Conquer > Tap the button Duel > Select the character in the squad > Click on the button Duel > Start the match > Click on the button Confirm.

Detailed instructions:

Step 1: First, at the game login interface, we will Sohagame account login mine.

Step 2: In the interface to access the game, click on the item “Click on the serverfor server selection.

Step 3: Next, in the window “Choose sever“, let’s server selection that I want to join.

Step 4: Return to the game access screen, click the . button Begin.

Step 5: Afterward, Name the game character yours, and then press the . button Confirm.

Step 6: At the main interface of the AFK Summoner game, click on the item Summon.

Step 7: In the summoning part of the game now, click the . button Free of chargeto be able to summon any general to your squad.

Step 8: Now go back to the main interface of the game, click on the item Conquer at the bottom of the screen.

Step 9: At this time, in the passing part of the game, please click on the button Duel.

Step 10: Choose any character enter your battle formation, then keep clicking the . button Duel.

Step 11: After that, we will start the match, the generals will automatically fight and destroy with the enemy.

Step 12: Finally, when you win, the screen will show the gifts you received, press the . button Confirm to go to another stage.

Video tutorial for playing the game Summoner AFK

Above are the steps to install and play the AFK Summoner game on your computer with LDPlayer, hopefully after following this article, you can easily and quickly experience many interesting things. of the game when playing on the computer.

Wishing you success!

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