Instructions to download and play Sword The Origin on PC

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Super product role-playing game swordplay released by VNG, Sword The Origin was officially launched, bringing players into bloody and epic battles. The game retains the original values ​​that make up the name of Kiem The, and at the same time has many modern elements to suit gamers.

Players will experience battles for territory in the fierce PK battlefield, alongside hundreds of PvE and PvP activities with an abundance of items and resources to become stronger.

To enhance the experience, gamers can even download and play Sword The Origin on PC to help fight multiple accounts at the same time, and make operations easier.

In this article, let’s learn the instructions How to download and play Sword The Origin on PC through the LDPlayer 9 emulator to make the battle between the arenas, combining skills easier.

Download Sword The Origin for Android Download Sword The Origin for iOS

How to download and play Sword The Origin on PC

Step 1: Visit the Download Sword The Origin link to navigate to LDPlayer’s game download page.

Step 2: Press the button Download Origin VNG on PC and wait for the LDPlayer 9 installation file to finish downloading. Then, accept the terms and conditions to install the emulator on your computer.

Step 3: After downloading and installing LDPlayer 9 emulator, double click to open LD store.

If the game settings page doesn’t open or you have LDPlayer 9 installed before, you can tap search icon and enter Sword The Origin. Then double click on the game to open the game download page.

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Step 4: Press the button Setting in the game intro page of LDPlayer to start downloading Sword The Origin.

Step 5: Everyone will be transferred to Play Storekeep pressing the . button Setting.

When the game is installed successfully, everyone needs to press the . button Play to open Sword World Origin and start participating in the ultimate swordplay world.

How to play multiple nicks of Sword The Origin at the same time on LDPlayer

Step 1: Open LDMultiPlayer by pressing the key combination Ctrl + 2. Then tap Simultaneously and choose Create new batch (5 pieces) or Initialization to create a new emulator tab.

Step 2: Select all LDPlayer emulation tabs and press Begin to start the emulator tab.

People can make some settings for the emulator session by clicking Multi-optimization.

Players should change FPS low to open multiple tabs smoothly. It is also possible to automatically arrange emulator sessions in the Sort settings to choose Order, Frame number depending on need and accumulation Automatically remember location.

Step 3: Press the key combination Ctrl + 9 to begin Multi Control and gamers were able to plow many Kiem The Origin nicks at the same time.

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