Instructions to create a private room in Business Tour to play with friends

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Business Tour is a free online billionaire board game where anyone can play with up to 3 friends and complete daily quests to win rewards. Players also get unique opportunities like tournaments, which bring in more prizes. Basically, Business Tour is a business simulation game like Monopoly but easier to understand and has many difficulty levels.

Business Tour simulates running a company with the goal of increasing profits while avoiding bankruptcy at all costs. Up to 4 players can compete against each other or team up as teammates in this economy-based board game. In this article, find out how to create a private room in Business Tour to play with friendscompete or cooperate with each other for the top business position.

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How to create a room in Business Tour

Step 1: Open Business Tour on your computer and tap Create in Private Table of the page Main Menu.

Step 2: In Business Tour Clubpress Subscribe Now to continue. Players will have 1 day free trial to create their own rooms.

Step 3: Click eye icon in section Table Settings to display the private room code.

Then tap copy icon next to the code to copy the code and send it to friends that everyone wants to play with, through commonly used messaging services.

Step 4: Friends who receive the room ID will need to go to Business Tour and tap Join in the section Private Table. Continue code copy received and paste in Enter table ID and press OK.

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Players can also team 2 players 1 team to compete against each other by clicking 2X2 at page Private Table.

After all players join the room, the game will begin and everyone can compete for the top business spot on the Business Tour.

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