Instructions to collect every badge in Stray

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Unlike most video games these days, Stray doesn’t offer a lot of customization possibilities. That does not mean that the appearance of the cute little cat in the game cannot be changed at all. Players can still decorate the cute cat’s coat with special badges.

However, there are badges that are hard to find, so those looking to find every badge in Stray and unlock the Badges achievement may need a little help.

There are 6 badges in total, one of which is automatically obtained as part of the main story. The rest can be found in the central areas.

Instructions to collect every badge in Stray

Where to find Music badges (Slums)

The player is given a music badge by Morusque after finding all 8 tracks in the Stray. These can be picked up at various locations throughout the slums and are available in any chapter. To get a musical badge, the player will have to give each piece of music to Morusque and wait for him to play them on the keyboard.

  • Track 1 can be found on some boxes in Momo’s apartment, after going through a gap in the bars, through one of the doors.
  • Track 2 lying on the table, on the balcony porch, to the right of the window leading into Clementine’s apartment.
  • Track 3 stuck in a big picture of a robot downstairs from Elliot. Players will need to scratch the door to get inside.
  • Track 4 can be traded with Azooz at the market for an energy drink.
  • Track 5 located on one of the tables in the upstairs area of ​​the Dufer Bar.
  • Track 6 lying on the shelf to the right of the bed, in Clementine’s apartment.
  • Track 7 lying on the music pedestal of the piano in Doc’s apartment. Players will need to translate notes on the bed to get the key and then topple the pile of books nearby to find the safe.
  • Music 8 lying inside a safe locked in a pile of debris, right in front of the Morusque hangout. The code to open the safe in the slums is 1283.
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Where to find the Outsider badge

Players will receive the Outsider badge as part of the main story shortly after finding the secret lab and fixing the broken tracker in chapter 6.

Where to find the Plant badge (Ant Village)

Malo gives the player the Plant badge in exchange for 3 colored plants. Finding yellow, red, and purple plants in Stray is relatively straightforward, although it does require the player to explore the ant village quite thoroughly. The yellow tree is directly in front of where the player meets Malo, the red tree is on the ground, and the purple tree is growing on a tree not far from where Zbaltazar meditates.

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