Instructions to clear the fog on the Tower of Fantasy map

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Genshin Impact has proven the popularity and popularity of gamers for the open world gacha game genre. While HoYoverse’s open world games continue to attract a large number of players, other developers continue to vie for this popularity.

The newest competitor is the open-world sci-fi MMORPG Tower of Fantasy, which offers players a variety of content to tackle, from exploring the vast map, taking down enemies, raiding dungeons and using Use the gacha style system to unlock new characters and content.

Open world role-playing game with beautiful graphics and attractive gameplay - Tower of Fantasy
Open world role-playing game with beautiful graphics and attractive gameplay – Tower of Fantasy

For Tower of Fantasy players looking for details on how to explore the vast map, follow this guide to not only discover specific activities, but also unlock the content that comes with it. map.

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How to clear the fog on the Tower of Fantasy map

Similar to the Ubisoft tower system found in the hit Far Cry series, players will need to hunt down specific buildings called Omnium Towers. They can be found in each area of ​​the map and the player needs to climb there to explore the full geography of the respective area.

Even if the map is blurred, players can still discover the specific location of these Omnium towers. When opening the game’s map, the player should look for a similar symbol crescent moon mounted on a pillar. When first entering a new area, gamers should consider running to this location immediately as climbing the tower will trigger some important details.

How to unlock the Omnium tower

After climbing the tower and activating it, the Omnium Towers will provide a number of important benefits, beyond simply revealing the area and making it easier for the player to navigate. The Omnium Tower also details key locations and landmarks in that area, making it easy for gamers to keep track of specific things to do and places of interest.

These include:

  • Wall (Stronghold) – Similar to other open world games, there are enemy outposts that can be destroyed. These range from smaller camps, to larger forts that will take longer to clear. These are worth looking for as each place will have a chest that, once obtained, will form a marker on the gray map, indicating that the camp has been cleared.
  • World Boss (World Boss) – These are the toughest enemies the player can face and if they are successfully defeated, they will earn rewards. It should be noted that each boss has a specific level, so players should avoid particularly dangerous bosses like Barbarossa until they have upgraded much higher in level and strength.
  • Ruins (Ruin) – a location containing valuable loot and equipment.

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