Instructions for saving games in Sons of The Forest

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The world of Sons of The Forest is an extremely dangerous one. Whether gamers are looking to survive alone on a deserted island or use co-op mode to cooperate with friends, all must struggle to find food and water, while ensuring safety. from the cannibal mutants roaming the map.

With danger and death lurking around every corner, players need to be prepared and familiar with the different systems in Sons of The Forest. Whether it’s new AI companions or an overhauled build system, everything in the game can become a tool for survival.

Players only need to sleep in a makeshift tent to save the game Sons of The Forest

However, because of a harsh survival game, players cannot prepare 100% perfectly. Like in any game, Sons of The Forest’s threats will eventually kill the player. To keep their progress, it’s best for players to save regularly. This article will Instructions on how to save the game Sons of The Forest so that the hard progress the player has made in survival is not lost.

How to save games in Sons of The Forest

Sons of The Forest does not have an autosave system, and since the game is still in Early Access, the feature may be added later. However, considering the previous installment of the game, The Forest, also didn’t have an autosave feature, so it’s highly likely that Sons of The Forest won’t either.

Fortunately, saving the game in this game is not too difficult. Sons of The Forest only requires the player to go to sleep despite not being able to sleep anywhere, as this would be uncomfortable and dangerous, but the shelter isn’t too hard to find.

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With luck, players will enter pre-set shelters on their own, such as an abandoned campsite or cellar. However, enemies still roam while the player sleeps and there will be some locations that are safer than others.

The more reliable option for players is to build a shelter themselves, the simplest with only 2 materials, a stick and a tarp. Both can be found near the starting point, either from cutting down trees or collected from containers.

This shelter does not protect the player from mutants or inclement weather. Players need to quickly grasp the game’s crafting system and start building stronger structures.

Once surrounded by sturdy walls, the player can rest easily, or at least rest easier on a craft bed. All that is needed are 16 sticks and duct tape, which can then be found in the supply crates scattered across the map.

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