Instructions for playing Raft survival game with friends

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Raft is an open world survival game that is being loved by many people because of the fun and challenges it brings. Joining Raft, players will start on a 2×2 raft in the middle of the vast ocean. People only have a hook to aim and throw to catch fish, crates, wood, palm leaves, plastic and other objects on the water.

Gamers can leave the raft and swim to collect items, but be careful because the raft is always moving due to the constant currents. There are also sharks swimming around, always lurking to attack or kill the player.

Raft is an ocean survival game that allows up to 8 players to play together
Raft is an ocean survival game that allows up to 8 players to play together

This is a first person game and can be played in single player or multiplayer mode. With the second option, the server is provisioned automatically by the game and the game takes place in co-op mode.

In this article, let’s learn how to open co-op mode to play Raft with friends, survive and explore the vast ocean, full of dangers.

Introducing co-op mode in Raft

Playing with others can greatly increase progress in Raft but also increases the difficulty of having to find more food to keep everyone alive.

The more people join the game, the more materials appear in the direction the raft is going. Many sharks also start spawning on higher difficulty at random intervals, making island exploration and underwater material gathering much harder. Playing with friends also helps everyone to unlock achievements Teamplay!.

How to find more Raft . players

Playing Multiplayer in Raft requires all users to install the game through Steam. In addition, participants must be friends with each other and set to online to play games together. There are many other ways to find Raft gamers to play with, for example Discord – a chat application that connects thousands of gamers around the world.

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Raft has a large community of players on Discord
Raft has a large community of players on Discord

Here’s a guide to finding more Raft players (in case no friends are playing this game):

  • Join Raft’s Discord.
  • Channel access #find-arters-lfg on Discord, tell everyone there you’d like to play, and consider mentioning the prepare to play game mode.

How to play Raft with friends

Once you’ve found someone to play with, add each other on Steam. To add friends, right click on Steam icon in the notification area, click Friends.

Then choose + symbol small in the top right corner of the screen.

Next, copy your friend code (Friend Code) and send it as a private message via Discord (or any other messaging app).

Ask for the person’s friend code and enter it in the text field Enter a Friend Code. Once accepted, both players can see each other’s worlds in Raft.

In the game, a player must choose New Worlds or Load Worldmake sure the option Friends can join is turned on.

If entering a password for a newly created world, be sure to share it with the other players.

The rest must choose Join Worldenter your password if prompted and your in-game friends will show up.

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